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Chapter 85 (August 29, 2001)

Stretched out before me was the same beautiful mistress that moments ago had me captive. Now nude, she was stretched out on her leather reclining chair with her wrists over her head and her legs spread wide. I could see that she had taken several scarves that she had removed from my bondage and had used them to secure her legs wide to the arms of the easy chair, her knees were slightly bent. She had also positioned a small pillow under the small of her back lifting her bottom and of course her wet crotch off the chair.  Did I say easy access?   She had fashioned a knotted crotch scarf much like the one that I was still wearing and had pulled the silk deep into her own pussy. This time, though, she didnít use a pair of panties as stuffing, but had used her small personal vibrator to fill the void! I could barely hear the humming coming from her tied pussy, but by the way was rocking her hips, it was obvious that she was enjoying the plastic intrusion.  Had I really been devious, and known this was going to happen, I would have added a small vibrating egg to her ass, just to add to her fun. Perhaps next time the tables get turned.

Jennifer's wrists were handcuffed over her head and I could see that she had anchored them to the back of the chair out of reach. They were secure and she would not be getting out without help or the key. The wooden clothespins that had recently pinched my nipples were now pinching hers, and she had added a second set of clothespins to either side of her crotch scarf.  The wooden clamps were attached to each outer lips of her tied crotch.  But it was the gag that got my real attention.

Jennifer had pulled the wet panties that she had stuff in my pussy earlier this evening, over her head and had positioned the crotch right over her nose and mouth. To hold the panties in place, she had tied a tight cleave gag through her lips and another thin black scarf was used as a blindfold. This pantyhead bondage was extremely erotic and Iím sure that Jennifer was enjoying the taste of her submissive friendís sex. I know I did herís. Given the current switching of roles, I guess you could say she was now at my mercy, and it was something that Jennifer wanted too.

I savored this site, watching her enjoy herself wondering when I was going to start my erotic torment.  The mistress had taught me well and I knew that anticipation was building on her part, not to mentioned the job the small vibrator was doing inserted in her now very wet pussy.

I knelt beside the chair, and slowly ran my fingers softly up her ribcage, slightly tickling her underarms.  Jennifer struggled erotically.  To return the favor of earlier this evening, I placed my one hand over her bound mouth, and continued to erotically tickle her underarm.  I removed my hand from her mouth and bent forward and replaced with my mouth.  I let my tongue explore the tight gag, and stretched lips.  I could taste my sex on the wet panties so I was sure the she could too!  Jennifer strained against the scarves and cuffs.

I stopped my kissing and proceeded to retie her wrists with several silk scarves. I then unlocked and removed the metal handcuffs. They were great for self-bondage, but the wrong feel for erotic play like this, especially with so many silk restraints around.  As I retighten the scarves that held her wrists to the back of the chair, I slowly kissed and sucked her fingers.  Jennifer responded by lightly caressing my face.

I added more scarves to her breasts and arms securing my captive tightly to her chair and of course I added a few to her gag to complete the bondage for now. A pad of silk was placed over the cleave gag and held in place with one of the larger scarves, folded into a wide band. Double gags were always nice and secure.

Needless to say, once I completed adding to her helplessness, I started with my tongue on her naked, sensitive toes and feet on her right side and ended at her gag.  But that in itself took me about 30 minutes to get there. I took special care to lick the area around her clamped nipples, slightly pulling on the clothespins as I did and yes I didn't forget about the clothespins attached to her pussy either.  This only added to stimulation and I was sure that her nipples and labia were very sensitive now due to the clothespins and my playing with them.

By the time I was arrived back at her gagged face, she was putty in my hands but I didnít let it stop there. The night was still young and I still have her other foot to worship. My poor bound mistress was in for treat and so was I.  I was sure that I would end up back in the bondage later that night, in fact I was counting on it and to help that idea along a smile drew across my face as a plan formed..

I looked down at the slowly rocking mistress and smiled. She was pulling gently on the silk restraints and rocking her hips. I could also see that she was very wet...hmm I wonder why?  I longed to be back in her place and wanted to stay in the mood as I took my turn as the "tormentor".  I picked up the handcuffs that I had removed from Jennifer's wrists and located a long thin scarf.  I picked up her leather gloves that were lying next to the chair, and slowly pulled them on. I brought the index finger of the right glove to my nose. The aroma of my sex and the warm leather was intoxicating. Now I wondered how the aroma of her sex would combine with mine?  I reached out and slowly caressed her bound crotch with the leather gloves.  I then inserted my index fingered into the wet and vibrating pussy.  I could feel the vibrator tickling the insides of my mistress's tunnel and I slowly pushed the vibrator deeper causing a moan to escape from my bound friends gagged lips.  I removed the finger and once again smelled the aroma of sex and leather.  It was sweet and was now a combination of her's and mine.  I shivered.  I continued.

 I found a third set of clothespins and slowly attached them once again to each of my nipples, sucking in my breath as I did so.  They were still very sensitive themselves from earlier this evening.  I reached down for the handcuff key and walked to the top of the chair and slowly placed the key in Jennifer's palm.  I whispered in her ear to hold on to this and not give it up until she was ready to be untied.  To help her hold the key I wrapped her hands in silk forming a nice silk mitten.  I then quickly tied the thin black scarf  through my lips to form a nice thin cleave gag.  The gag was thin enough that my tongue could still be used. I then locked the handcuffs around my wrists in back of me.  I was once again a "prisoner" of sorts yet still in control. 

It was time to start on the other side of  Jennifer's bound body and of course the toes were the place to begin.  The thin cleave gag didn't hinder my licking one bit but only severed to remind my of my start with that cute little toe!  I wonder how long Jennifer would last before she gave up the key!

First the red painted big toe.....

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