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Chapter 84 (April 11, 2000)

Being tied in scarves and in a tight hogtie was always a nice way to spend an evening. I was tied on my side in front of Jenniferís chair in her den. Her soiled panties tied deep in my mouth and about 30 or so silk scarves held me captive. My nipples were being pinched with clothespins and my pussy was filled with pair of silk panties, mine to be exact.

Jennifer reached out with her bare feet and slowly caressed my bound breasts. She gently took the clothespins on my left nipple between her toes and pulled for a little more excitation. Occasionally she was tug on the knotted scarf teasing my clit all the while.

This little game of foot caressing continued for several minutes as Jennifer relaxed and smoked her cigarette. I could only imagine that she was lightly caressing her own nipples and playing with her pussy. Given the fact that her panties were very wet, I could only assume that her pussy was even more by now.

The foot teasing stopped and I felt Jennifer reach down and remove the head scarf. That was followed by the several scarves that were keeping the panties securely in my mouth. When the cleave gag was removed, she pulled the panties out and set them aside. In their place was Jenniferís big toe. Obviously, some foot worship was in order and I didnít want to disappoint her. I quickly wrapped my lips around her toes and gently sucked.

With that introduction, I quickly set about the task of kissing and licking each of her toes and the soles of her feet. First the right, then the left. I did the best I could still blindfolded and bound in a tight hogtie and still on my side. I think Jennifer had grown a foot fetish over the last few years as I found myself more and more on the giving end of these foot worshiping scenes. Jenniferís feet were very sensitive both erotically and ticklish. The more I licked and kissed, the hotter I could make my beautiful mistress. Even tickling them was enough at times to set her off, and when it was her turn in the ropes, I took maximum advantage of this little discovery.

As I licked and kissed each of her toes, gingerly taking each into my mouth, I could picture Jennifer playing with her nipples or clit while she watched me. Knowing that I had just had her panties in my mouth only fueled the picture that was in my mind. A naked mistress, stretched out on a leather chair, her scarf encased friend tightly hogtied at her feet. Five red painted toes deep in her bound friends mouth being worshiped, her hands lightly moving over her body. Yes, quite a picture.

Jennifer removed her feet from my face, and reinserted the panty gag filler and retied the cleave gag back into its normal place. My work was done for now. She reached down and carefully removed the clothespins from each nipple. I caught my breath. She gently rubbed them with her fingers. She then reached down between my legs, and with her probing fingers pulled the knotted crotch scarf aside and removed the pair of panties she had stuffed in there earlier. The were soaked with my sex.

Jennifer rolled me over on my stomach and breasts, now sensitive from all the breast bondage, and started to untie the scarves that held my arms to my body. My elbows were next followed by my wrists. She then told me to finish untying myself but leave the blindfold and gag on until last.

I slowly did as instructed starting with the breast scarves. I could hear Jennifer moving around in the room as if she was working on something. A sound of clanking metal could be heard, handcuffs to be certain. Jennifer was up to something as always and I was sure that I was going to enjoy it.

I finally got to my legs and after a while was free of those scarves.  It took a while due to the blindfold and all the extra knots that Jennifer likes to tie.  All that was left was my blindfold, gag, and knotted crotchscarf that I choose to leave in place as it was providing me some nice stimulation. Jenniferís movements had ceased or lessened but I could hear the leather of her chair creak as she moved. She must have returned to her chair to watch me untie myself.

Finally, I reached up and slowly untied the cleave gag and removed the panties. The blindfold was next along with the soft pad covering my eyes. I opened my eyes slowly to let them readjust to the light of the den. I looked over at my bondage mistress and smiled at what I saw. It was obvious that the night was only beginning.

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