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Chapter 83 (April 11, 2000)

With my crotch now tied with silk, she took several more scarves and bound my knees together, above and below, and my upper thighs, each carefully knotted and cinched. Jennifer took her time and I savored the touch of both her hands and the silken material. To add to my scarf bondage, she even wound a thin scarf tightly between my fingers joining them together. To add to my already helpless situation, she then encased my bound hands in a set of scarves thus preventing me from using my fingers at all. When she was finished, they were now encased in a silk bondage mitten. More scarves were added, connecting my wrists to my bound ankles, effectively hog-tying me in a vertical position. A scarf was even tied joining my big toes together. Again more caressing of my nipples that were now more sensitive due to the tight breast bondage. I shivered in pleasure.

Jennifer stood back to admire her submissively, silk encased bound friend. "You are having way to much fun my pet" ... Jennifer laughed. She disappeared from sight only to return in a few minutes holding a set of wooden clothespins. I closed my eyes. She knelt down in front me, her naked breasts even with mine. She took her time and slowly played with my nipples. She even leaned forward and took the left one between her lips and lightly sucked on it. The right one followed, not to be neglected. She was driving me crazy with passion. She lightly brushed my nipples with hers, teasing them to their fullest.  She reached up and once again covered my ball gagged lips with her gloved hands as she continued to play with my nipples....  the touch of her fingers and the additional hand gagging was pushing quickly towards an orgasm.... Jennifer quickly snapped me back to reality by placing a clothespin on each nipple, not the skin behind them, but right on the nipple itself. She didnít want me to be denied any stimulation from her work. The bite was sharp but welcome and I quickly caught my breath. The bite of the clothespin lessoned over a few minutes to just a nice erotic dull ache!  The slight erotic bite of the clothespins took my mind of the building orgasm....  I was once again denied my sexual release...

With the clothespins in place, Jennifer continued to play with the clamped nipples by softly turning and pulling on the clothespins, all the while continuing to tug on the silk crotchscarf. I was sure that my panties were soaked and I was also sure that that was a main reason for Jenniferís continued playing. Finally she was done playing and lightly kissed the top of my bound breasts. I wasnít done yet, I need sexual relief but that wasnít to be just yet.

Jennifer stood, removed her gloves and picked up yet another scarf and folded it into a small pad. She placed this pad over my eyes and held in place with yet another silken restraint. My sense of sight was now removed. It only enhanced my other senses.

I could hear Jennifer standing next to me breathing hard. She was removing her boots and the sound of her zipper being undone was unmistakable. A wrestling of sheer silk on flesh was heard next, her panties being removed perhaps?

I was rewarded by the aroma of her sex, mainly her soiled panties that she was now holding over my nose. I drank the aroma in deeply. My own pussy quivered, remembering that my own panties were buried deep in my own sex, absorbing my juices that were now flowing freely. Her panties were then removed from my face and I could hear Jennifer obtaining the key to the padlock on the ball gag. She unlocked the lock that was holding my head up, then unlocked and removed the ball gag. It came out with a "pop", and very wet. I had been drooling out of the corner of my mouth. The gag was replaced by a warm, wet, probing tongue. That was also quickly removed and Jenniferís wet panties were slowly inserted into my waiting mouth. When all the soiled material was in place, I could feel a thin cleave gag of silk being tied over the panties to hold them in place. The gag was knotted tightly behind my head, the material pulling the corner of lips tight. But my gagging was not complete yet. Jennifer was a gagging expert and she knew that I had an oral fixation and loved the way she gagged a girl.

Another pad of silk was placed between my lips over the cleave gag and it was held in place with another long wide scarf, kind of the "Brian Sands" gag in silk. Speech was but all impossible and the taste of Jenniferís sex was keeping me occupied not to mention the pinching of my nipples by the clothespins.

My scarf bondage was all complete except for the head scarf that Jennifer added for good measure. This prevent the gags and blindfolds from slipping. It also served to force my mouth closed tighter on the wet panties, a nice thought huh?

Jennifer slowly let me down off my knees and onto my side. The clothespins on my nipples prevented me from rolling on to my stomach for now. Still I was bound very securely in silk, hogtied, and at the mercy of a now nude mistress! Jennifer let me lie there in my bondage. I heard her move to her leather chair, light a cigarette and sigh. I struggled in my bondage for her and me. I knew she was watching. What was next?!

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