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Chapter 82 (April 11, 2000)

Jennifer was very good at tying me tightly and she would do so without even a slight chance for escape. That was always the challenge. I always tried to get out of my bondage but also longed to remain her captive. I love to struggle in my bondage. It increased the pressure of the restraints in those erotic and sensitive places i.e. elbows, ankles, thighs, crotch etc. Tonight was no different. She started first with my elbows. She could do this without unlocking my thumbcuffs and thus add to my bondage without releasing any current restraints. There would be no chance for a escape this evening. I smiled as that feeling of warmth continued up from my wet crotch.

The light blue flowered Hermes scarf was pulled around my arms just above the elbows. It was passed around twice and then tied. My elbow were drawn close together. A second Hermes was then used as a cinch drawing my elbows even closer together until they nearly touched. The ends of this scarf were left to dangle for a few minutes, but not to worry, as they would be used later.

A solid pink rose Ostinelli was next draped over the back of my neck with the two ends falling over my breasts. She lightly tickled the nipples with the two ends. I laughed behind my gag. The ends were then pulled under my arms and tied in the small of my back. This formed a small silk body harness that Jennifer would use to anchor additional scarves too as the scarf bondage progressed. The silk ends of the elbow cinch were then fed up to the scarf that ran along the back of my neck. When she pulled this taught, the scarf harness was tighten and the elbow scarves were now prevented from being pulled or slid down. With my elbows tied in this manner, even with my hands or thumbs free, I would have had trouble getting out of any other bondage. Tight elbow bondage, a gag and my big toes tied were all that were needed to ensure anyone's helplessness especially mine.

My wrists were next and were bound and cinched tightly together with a long black and red print silk scarf, another Ostinelli I think, but being bound with my head looking up towards the ceiling makes it hard to see all the materials that Jennifer used. It didnít matter anyway as the feeling was wonderful and secure.  Silk had that way about it.  With my wrists tied, Jennifer retrieved the key, then unlocked and removed the thumbcuffs. They were no longer needed for now.

All the time while Jennifer was tying me with the scarves, she would tease the cheeks of my ass and my hard nipples with the sleek material before using them as restraining devices. She was such a tease and was very good at her job.  This teasing was kind of a "conditioning" game we play.  As we add restraints to the bondage, we find ways to tease each other with them caressing with them, rubbing etc... this only served to make the thoughts of the restraints a very exciting day dream...

Jennifer once called me at work was had be listen very carefully...  what I heard was a leather squeaking sounds followed by clicking noises.   I had heard that sound before and was already getting wet and excited just thinking about it...  I headed out to Jennifer's ranch at lunch to her her nude on the bed in her knee high riding boots, ball gagged, blindfolded and her gloved wrists handcuffed to the headboard....  yes her booted ankles were cuffed spread to the foot board...  she was rocking her hits and I could see her personal vibrator was buried deeply between her pussy lips, head in place with a silk scarf.  The remote control for the vibrator was lying beside her out of reach..  She had also attached a small set of vibrating nipple clamps to her hard nipples...  its remote was also out of reach... As I watched, she arched her back in a powerful orgasm....  one of many I am sure.... Needless to say, I called back to work and told them something had come up and I would not be back in the office for a while..

This "conditioning" was a fun game, the sound of tape be ripped off the roll, silk being pulled over hard nipples, handcuffs being locked... etc..  Listening on the phone and guessing what was going on, on the other end.... sure made for some interesting times at work... anyway where was I ....??

Jennifer's teasing of body continued.  This only served to drive me wild with denied passion. With my arms and wrists now bound, Jennifer stood back and slowly smoked her cigarette reviewing her handy work. Her beautiful long black haired swayed as she gently rocked in her black riding boots. I could see her playing with her own nipples as she walked around me examining her bound captive. This was only the start as there was still about 30 scarves left to be used and Jennifer would find a place for all of them rest assured!

Jennifer continued the silk encasement. My ankles were next and she used a bright red and green stripped Versace to secure and cinch them tightly together. When that was done, she unlocked and removed the set of thumbcuffs that were locking my big toes together. "Now for your beautiful breasts" she whispered as she picked up another white and blue spotted Hermes.

In fact several printed silk Hermes were used to bind my breasts. One of the silk scarves was tied tightly around my upper chest with part of the scarf running atop my left breast and under my right. A second blue one was tied around my chest in the opposite manner, giving the effect of a "figure-8" with my breasts sticking out through the loops. The third Hermes was then draped around my neck and the ends tied tightly to the two scarves between my bound breasts. As the scarf was pulled tight, the pressure on my breasts increased and my breast bondage became more secure. This neck scarf also prevented the breast scarves from slipping down. This breast bondage served to pull up on my breasts quickly making them become full and hard. Jennifer took the time to cup them in her gloved hands and play with the already harden nipples. I just closed my eyes and moaned to myself, God she was such a tease.

More and more scarves were added to my already bound body. My arms were pinned to my sides. My wrists were then pinned and cinched to my waist. More scarves were added to my breast bondage utilizing the silk body harness she had tied just a few minutes ago. But nothing had yet been tied between my legs. This was Jenniferís bondage style. It was part of the teasing process. She would take her time with my bondage but avoid contact with my most sensitive areas between my legs, just a rub or finger now and then to tease. This only severed to turn up the heat on my passion. But tonight, I didnít have to wait to long! My crotch was next!

Jennifer moved to the chair and picked up my moist white panties. She bought them to her nose and inhaled the aroma of my sex. She smiled at me. She knew how excited I was this during the day in anticipation of our evening together and of course during the horse back ridding, they got even more wet and sweaty. She then picked up a long white Hermes and started to tie little knots about every two inches in the scarf. I knew what was coming and couldnít prevent it from happening, not that I wanted to anyway. She tied one end of knotted scarf to the waist scarves in the small of my back that were tied tightly around my waist. She let the knotted scarf hang between my legs for the time being. Jennifer then took my panties, balled into a tight wad, and slowly started to rub my wet pussy with the silken material. The feeling was exquisite! She then slowly began to insert panties into my crotch. When the panties were in place, she pulled the knotted crotch scarf between my legs, burying the scarf and the panties deep between my swollen pussy lips. She adjusted the scarf so that a silk knot was resting right on top of my clit. She then tied off the crotchscarf to the waist scarves around my belly button. All slack was removed. I loved the filling of fullness between my legs and it was obvious that Jennifer had plans for my panties later.

When she completed the crotchscarf arrangement, she tugged slightly to see if the knot of silk would have its desired effect. It did. She smiled. She was only getting started.

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