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Chapter 80  (November 13, 1999)

When Jennifer and I play with the silk scarves, we treat them just like rope or leather restraints. We use lots of them, including many layers and cinches, and when tied correctly, escape was all but impossible. Many times we combined scarves, rope and leather into many of our games, but tonight it was just the silk to be used.

It really didnít matter to us the make, or style of the scarf, that was not as important as how tight they are tied or how they are used. What was also important was that they were made of silk, multi-colored or brightly colored, and large! Of course we did have our collections of Hermes, Gucci, Versace and a few of the new Ostinelliís, but the names were almost meaningless once they were tied as a gag, crotchrope or encased the head or fingers. The fact that they made excellent binding material and felt sensuous when tied tightly, were the parts we both enjoyed the most.

Jennifer and I would often wear a scarf as a knotted crotch rope or crotch scarf for that matter, to work or out on the town for several days at a time. It was always tied tightly under the panties next to the pussy. The thin knotted silk was always pulled deep between the pussy lips. Many times we placed an additional wadded scarf between the crotch scarf and the skin. This always ensured that the scarfs got nicely soiled and wet. The soiled scarves made for great tasting gags in our bondage play not to mention the erotic simulation that they gave us during the week.

The scarves also broke up the variety of crotch ropes we used during our bondage play. Silk scarves, rope, leather, and steel chastity belts were among the choices. All were fun and each had their own unique form of stimulation and control, or loss of control depending on the point of view of the wearer and the chosen item. However, the slickness of the silk scarves always provided a nice distraction from the daily work routine.

On Sunday evenings, when we were in the bondage mood (which was most Sundays), we would take turns picking out each outer scarves, (if that was our choice or material that week) to be used during the upcoming week. Sometimes it would be only one scarf for the whole week or maybe several depending on what we had planned for the following weekend. The real game came at weeks end trying to choose which scarf was to be used as the gag or gag filler and which ones left over were to be used in other forms of bondage like tying the folded up soiled scarfs over the bound subjectís nose so that she could get both the taste and aroma of the soiled silk.

Once we decided on the different scarves, we took turns knotting each others scarf and having the pleasure to tying the otherís scarf about their waist. It was very erotic to slowly pull the lips apart, and position the silk in just the right place, pulling it deep into the darkness, positioning the knots in just the right place to ensure the simulation needed to get the nice and wet.

Jennifer had a habit of tying two small knots close together (with a little space in between)and then carefully positioning the knots on either side of my clit. As long as the silk didnít move or I was sitting still, very little simulation was gained. As I moved, or tugged on the scarf the little knots on either side did their job and provided me the stimulation desired.

Once it was tied and knotted in place, it was not to come off until the following weekend or whenever our next bondage adventure was planned. We did remove them during our showers or baths so not to wash out any of the "soilness".

Wearing a silk scarf between your pussy lips all week does ensure a nicely soiled play thing. If we happened to get together during the week and bondage was done, we often left the scarves in place. During the bondage, the excitation levels were always very high and this only added to the soiling that the silk obtained during the rest of the week.

Additionally, not only was the scarf wet from sexual excitation during the week, but it was also soiled from the day to day bodily functions that happen each day like peeing, sweating, and other required womanly actions! This only served to enhance the flavor and fun.

Jennifer walked around in front of me and stood close. My chin rested in her belly button and I could feel the softness of her skin. I could also smell the aroma of her sex coming through her riding breeches. I was sure those panties she was wearing were as wet as I was becoming and I couldnít wait to taste the scarf that was currently tied between her pussy lips. It was a red flowered one that was tied on a week ago. I had tied three small knots in the silk material and positioned then to stimulate all the right places, two for his clit and a double one that press against her anus! The scarf I wore all week was draped over the arm of Jenniferís easy chair, and I am sure that it would be used on Jennifer later tonight.

With my head held back because of the locking ball gag, I was looking up into her eyes over the tops of her naked breasts. She was smiling, looking down at me exhaling a slow steady stream of rich smoke. It contrasted nicely with her beautiful long black hair and blue eyes. I could tell that she was also excited, her nipples were hard as rocks and stood straight out. I longed to kiss and suck them but the bondage prevented that, for now. I was sure later tonight that I would be getting my wish.. or was it hers.. I lose track at times who was suppose to be in control and who was suppose to be the submissive. It most cases it went back and forth throughout our play! Jennifer just happened to have the upper hand for the moment.

She reached down and slowly caressed my face with her gloved fingers. She was taking her time building the passion which made the evening that much more special. Erotic denial was sweet "torture" that I loved dearly and Mistress Jennifer was a great teacher and practitioner of the game. She reached down with both of her gloved hands and gently rolled each of my nipples between her leather-covered fingers, bringing them to full attention, not that they werenít there already. The little playing I did to myself before locking the cuffs on was enough to get me going, but Jennifer knew how to make the excitement both mount and last for a long time. The longer the better, a thought to which I just smiled behind the locked ball gag as I closed my eyes and enjoyed the stimulation.

The leather was cool to the touch, and the fingers of the gloves were slightly roughened from use. The leather felt wonderful. As she did this, she bent down and kissed me softly, first on the forehead, then on the side of my gagged lips. She used her warm tongue to lightly outline the ball. I wished that I could have responded with my tongue but that was what a gag was for, denying the use of oneís mouth. In our next bondage adventure, I would have to remember to use the double ball gag on both of us. That in itself was highly erotic. Gagged together around the same ball, lips just barely touching, with our tongues denied the pleasure of each others touch.

I drank in her beauty and her caress of my nipples. My inner thighs were getting wet with anticipation and I could feel my wetness slowly running down the inside of my thighs. A slightly tickling sensation was felt but nothing for now could be done about it. The feeling would continue until Jennifer decided to change my bondage or use her fingers between my legs.

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