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Chapter 79

Jennifer and I had just returned from a long horse back ride on her ranch and we were just finishing a nice light supper to top off the evening. Jennifer was dressed in a beautiful pair of tan riding breeches and white sleeveless blouse. The breeches were tucked into a beautiful pair of knee high shiny black ridding boots. I was similarly dressed except my breeches were light grey.

When supper was finished, Jennifer smiled and asked me if I wanted to play with the scarfs tonight.  I quickly said yes as I wasn't about to turn down an evening of bondage, especially at Jennifer's hands.  She told me go get box of scarfs, get undressed and lock the ball gag to the ceiling in front of her chair.  She would finish cleaning up while I got ready. 

I quickly retrieved the box of multi-colored scarfs and the chain ball gag, along with a long thin chain that was painted red on one end. Both Jenniferand I each a separate chain of different length that were fitted to our different body sizes. Yes, Jennifer has also been locked to the ceiling at times with me doing the honors and since she has a longer up body, we needed different lengths of chain. 

I returned quickly with the box, chain and ball gag, along with three small locks and the keys. In the box were about thirty different colored silk scarfs all of them three feet square in size. The scarfs were from all over the world. Jennifer would always pick up one or two when she traveled. They were very soft but when tied tightly, escape was impossible. 

The ball gag was of medium size and red in color.  I had run a small chain though the middle of the ball instead of the typical black leather strap. Attached ninety degrees to the chain was a small "I" hook that was threaded through the ball and kept in place with a large washer and nut. The end of the "I" bolt was cut off flush with the nut and washer and nut were coated with a non-toxic red plastic mix to make it look and feel like the rubber ball. This prevented the metal from coming in contact with the mouth. I placed the box on the floor next to Jennifer's chair, then sat the ball gag on top of the box along with the chain and locks. 

I then slowly removed my black riding boots, breeches, blouse, bra and finally my panties which had already become quite damp with excitement. I placed the moist panties on the arm of the chair for later use and then folded and set my riding clothes aside. 

My excitement and anticipation were growing and I caught myself playing with my nipples while thinking about what the evening would bring. I knew that in several minutes, I wouldn't be able to do that so I took my time caressing them, making them hard and causing them to stand erect. Unfortunately, I had to stop and continue on with the rest of my initial bondage steps.

I picked up the long chain and walked over and moved a dinning room chair over to just under the hook in the ceiling. I locked one end of the chain to the hook with one of the small locks. The second lock was clipped though the last link of the chain but was left open for now. I moved the chair back to the table. I then picked up all three keys, the chain ball gag and the last lock and headed to the kitchen to present them to Jennifer. 

Jennifer was still picking up the dishes and placing them in the dishwasher when I entered the room.  She had also lit up a long white cigarette and was slowly smoking it when she loaded the washer. Smoking is something she seemed to enjoy very much. She smiled
as I entered the room. I walked over to her and handed her the ball gag and the lock. I still held the three keys in my hand. I always liked it when Jennifer gagged me. It seems to draw us closer. When we play together, Jennifer always enjoys the attention I pay her and she loves to tease me with the gags. 

I turned and knelt on the kitchen floor with my back to her. Though I was stark naked, I felt very comfortable in the presence of Jennifer. Jennifer stepped forward and straddled my legs until her booted legs were pressing against my bare ass. I leaned back against her for support, reaching back to lightly caress her black riding boots.

Jennifer took the ball gag and placed it to my lips and told me to kiss it. I did. She told me then lick it and get it nice and wet. I stuck out my tongue, but Jennifer pulled gag away. She brought the ball back to my lips and this time held it in place as my tongue proceed to do its job of getting the ball very wet. She then told me to open my mouth wide and pulled the ball gag deep behind my lips. When the gag was resting in its normal place behind my teeth, she
lightly caressed my lips with her fingers even while still holding her cigarette in her left hand. The ball filled my mouth completely. The ball was large enough that without the use of my hands, I wouldn't be able to expel the ball with just my tongue. To get it in, Jennifer had to compress the ball slightly to get it past my lips and teeth. But just having the size of ball preventing its expulsion wasn't good enough for me or Jennifer. She then quickly brought the two ends of the small chain around behind my head, moved my hair aside then locked the two ends of the chain together with third of the three small locks. I was now very effectively gagged as usual, but this time the ball gag had a little hook that protruded from its center.

Jennifer reached around and took hold of the hook, pulling my head back. I stared up into her eyes and she just smiled and bent down and lightly nipped my nose with her tongue. Her left hand slowly maked its way down to my right breast. She lightly cupped it then rolled the nipple between her ring finger and thumb. I closed my eyes and sighed. I was ready for
the evening to continue.

Jennifer stopped and whispered in my ear to hurry and finish getting ready as she was almost done in the kitchen. I arose from my knees and started to walk out then spotted her black leather riding gloves on the counter. I picked them up, turned, and lightly tapped on the counter to get Jennifer's attention. When she looked at me, I held up her gloves and raised my eyebrows. Jennifer laughed and told me to not worry, that she wouldn't forget them. I laughed behind the gag and placed the gloves back on the counter along with the three keys to the locks and headed for the den.

I picked up a blanket that was on the couch and folded it into a small rectangle. I placed this on the floor below the chain that was locked to the ceiling.  The blanket served to cushion my knees that I would be kneeling on for quite awhile tonight. I then decided to make my bondage a little more secure until Jennifer arrived. I walked into the bedroom and pulled two sets of thumbcuffs from our toy bag. I also picked up a set of keys to the thumbcuffs and headed back to the den.

Once there, I placed the key to the thumbcuffs on the small table next to Jennifer's easy chair. I looked around to make sure everything was set, and then knelt down on the blanket. The end of the chain was at nose level. I reached down and locked one set of thumbcuffs around my big toes. I then locked on of the thumbcuffs on my right thumb. Before I locked the other thumb in the cuffs, behind me of course, I reached up and locked the chain to the hook attached to the ball gag. The height of the chain was such that when it was locked, my head would be kept at a forty-five degree angle.

To complete the bondage process, I brought my wrists behind me and then locked the other side of the thumbcuffs on my left thumb. My simple self-bondage was now complete. I couldn't stand up because of the toe bondage and I was locked to the hook in the ceiling
by a chain that was locked to my ball gag. What's more, I couldn't reach the ball gag with my thumbs locked behind me. 

I was now at Jennifer's mercy, a position that sent a tingle down my naked spine only this time I couldn't caress my body except for some light caressing of my naked ass cheeks. The thumbcuffs prevented much movement. The only question now was how long Jennifer
would make me wait.

I didn't have to wait long. I looked over, which was not easy to do, and saw Jennifer standing in the doorway to the den. She was watching me. She was beautiful. She had pulled her beautiful black hair back into a tight ponytail, and she had removed her blouse and bra. She was now topless. She was also wearing her black riding gloves. I smiled to myself. 

She was leaning against the doorway, arms crossed, holding a freshly lit cigarette. She was a picture of pure seduction and domination and she was enveloped in a smoky haze. She was smiling as she exhaled a long thin stream of white smoke towards the ceiling. She started to walk towards me. I closed me eyes. The fun was soon to begin.

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