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Chapter 78


(Authorís note: Remember, Terri is getting ready for Jenniferís arrival still dressed in nothing but her thigh-high boots. She has been recounting her adventures during the last few months while Jennifer had been gone. The story is now back at the present with Terri continuing her slow walk to Jenniferís bedroom in preparations for a night filled with bondage and submission. She continues to think about her bondage fun with Jennifer as she walks down the hall.)

Time was getting short so I continued my walk towards Jennifer's bedroom holding my leather gloves as I took slow and calculated steps in my six inch heels. I was well practiced in walking in them but it did pay to be careful on the slippery hardwood floor. With the exception of my black thigh-high boots, and soon to be worn, long leather gloves, no other article of clothing was worn. The sound of my boot heels echoed off the hardwood floor and with each step, that sensuous sound of creaking leather could be heard as the boots reluctantly flexed. A slight breeze was blowing in through the window at the end of the hall and the cool air only caused my ringed nipples to get harder, not that my constant playing with them didnít help either. As I passed each room, I thought about the many different games that Jennifer and I had played in each one of them.

I stopped at the door to the den, our second favorite spot for our bondage activities, outside of the bedroom and possibly the kitchen (Yes, the kitchen. Being tied to a chair or table and fed dinner can be very erotic.) I looked in and spotted Jenniferís easy chair in the center of the room. My eyes then moved upwards towards the ceiling stopping on the hooks that were embedded in the overhead wood frame. They were mounted directly in front of her chair. Several times in the past, I had been tied to those hooks in some manner and by most parts of my body, all the way from my toes, to my tongue or my hair. Usually Jennifer just sits in her chair in front of me and smokes her cigarettes, reads a book or teases me with her feet. Whatever she does, it always drives me crazy. Just thinking about some of these times causes me to once again pull on my nipple rings, and also causes me to slowly slip my hand down between my legs to lightly play with myself. I was already wet with anticipation and the feeling of my shaved pubic mound felt wonderful to my now wet fingers.

One game we both enjoyed was when we used silk scarves for our restraints in stead of the normal leather straps or rope. I had also developed a special chain ball gag that came in handy several times and it fit well with this particular game. The last time we played was about a week before Jennifer left on her trip, though it seemed like only this afternoon that Jennifer was locking on the ball gag......

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