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Chapter 77

The morning came quickly with a knock at the door. Miko walked in and told me to hurry up and get up and that she was hungry. She smiled. She was dressed in a long back sleek dress that was sleeveless, her black dress boots, and a pair of thin black leather dress gloves. The black color was in sharp contrast to her white skin and red lips. I also noticed that she wasn't wearing a bra, and her nipples and nipple rings could be clearly seen. Miko caught me staring and smiled. She knew that I liked what I saw. I did and the thoughts of having my nipples with silver rings in them danced in my head. I quickly arose and headed to bathroom for a quick shower. While I was doing that, Miko said that she would start putting all my restraints and clothing back into the suitcases.

When I returned from the shower wearing my towel, all my restraints and outfits had been neatly packed away. Miko was sitting on the bed but was looking at me with a smile. I noticed that her arms were behind her back. I walked over to her and she pulled back laughing. She had locked her wrists behind again. She had the key in her fingers but it was then that I realized that she still had her black gloves on. She told me that she got curious again about the handcuffs and this self-bondage fun, and that she remembered that I used the gloves to enhance the helplessness. I smiled. She was stuck. With the gloves on, she couldn't find the key hole as easily as she could without them on. I laughed. I told her to just sit there and keep trying while I got dressed. Miko laughed also.

I pulled out my short leather skirt, a pair of black stockings, black panties, and garter belt from the clothes bag. I pulled on the garter belt, then the stockings, followed by the panties. My leather skirt was next. I then pulled a long sleeve white knit sweater from the bag and pulled it on. No bra of course was worn. Miko was still sitting next to me trying to unlock the handcuffs. I topped off the outfit with a pair of my knee high black boots with the low heels and a pair of short black gloves. I looked over at Miko, she was still trying to get free. I smiled. The things that I could do to take advantage of this situation rolled about in my head.

Time was getting short though and I walked over to Miko and took the key from her gloved fingers. I asked her how she was going to eat breakfast with her hands still locked behind her? She gave me the sad puppy dog look of helplessness and I bent down gently caressed her face and kissed her on the forehead. I then unlocked and removed the handcuffs. Miko reached up and gave me warm hug. I picked up the cuffs and placed them in the bag. We then went to brunch.

I had the hotel place my bags in my car once brunch was finished. Miko and I talked for about an hour on a variety of subjects including her piercings. I must have asked her a hundred questions. Miko was very nice and answered each question in detail stopping only a few times to lit up another cigarette. She then gave me the name of the person that did her, in case I ever decided to check into it more.

Miko told me that the photos would be ready in about a week. I invited her over for supper at my home next Saturday night. Miko quickly agreed. We hugged and went our separate ways. I had found a new friend. The drive home was full of memories that would last for quite awhile and I caught myself again playing with my nipples. I had to stop this while driving my car. I smiled. I looked at the name of the friend that did Miko's piercings, Jan was her name. I pulled harder on my nipple. The problems we face today!

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