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Chapter 75

They were such nice dreams. Miko was talking to me telling me how beautiful I looked in bondage. She was smiling and also holding five hundred feet of rope ready to once again take my freedom away. I could hear her voice just as if she was standing next to me, in fact she was.

Someone was softly stroking my head. "HOUSE KEEPING" I thought I heard. I raised up in surprise, but of course I couldn't move, the bondage was still there and now it was taking its toll on my body. My shoulders were sore from the bondage and my jaw hurt from the ball gag.

My shoulder was being softly shaken. The words "wake up" and "are you OK" were slowly registering behind the blindfold and in my brain. I was stiff and sore, but suddenly wide awake. Who was here? I struggled, but the bondage was too good, I did it my self, I smiled inwardly, another perfect plan. But where did this plan take me this morning?

I felt my cuffs being unlocked. I just laid there. I was embarrassed to be discovered by anyone else. The straps on my ankles and legs were loosen and removed. My gag was being unbuckled. First the chin strap, followed by the head strap were unbuckled. The ball gag was last. I was wet from all the drool I must have been doing when I fell asleep. The ball came out with a pop. I licked my lips not really knowing what to say.

I just sat there. The vibrator was not going any more. It must have ran out of battery life. That meant that I had been on the floor for at least ninety minutes or more but since the maid was here it had to be morning and that meant that I was bound for the last six hours or so. My blindfold was slowly loosened. It was slowly removed and I had to again squint from the overhead lights. The blindfold was dropped in my lap. I quickly turned and stared into a beautiful smiling Japanese face who was holding a camera. Snap! A picture was taken. Miko was here with me.

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