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Chapter 74

I sat there for a minute trying to digest what just took place. Here I was all bound and gagged, by my own hands no less, sitting on a stool located in the middle of a hotel suite with no way to get free except to try and crawl all over the floor hoping to find a key that was supposedly place somewhere on the carpet. This was a large room and bound the way I was, I knew that moving around would be very slow and cumbersome. This made the room seem that much bigger. With my ankles crossed and tightly strapped, combined with the stiffness of the boots, trying to sit up was nearly impossible. With my wrists locked in the handcuffs, and my fingers stuffed inside a pair of leather gloves, trying to feel around on the carpet for a small key might take all night and may be next to impossible. All I could do was try. The alternative was to be found in the morning by the maid and no telling what might happen there. I had little choice except maybe to pull the safety device Miko had set up and cause the fire alarm to go off. That would be more trouble than its worth.

I carefully tried to stand up and found that the crossed ankles again did their charm. Standing was all but impossible. I carefully bent my legs and slid to the floor. I had to be careful and not roll over onto my back. I didn't want to fall on my handcuffs and inadvertently tighten them a few more clicks.

Once on the floor, I slowly started to make my way in a direction not really knowing what lay ahead. At least I would hit a wall or another piece of furniture and would have a starting point.

The movement was going slow and the vibrator was still going strong, when it was on. All the movement, combined with the restrictions of the boots and corset, and of course the teasing of the vibrator was starting to have an effect on me. I was sweating, and my breath was getting shorter. I realized that soon I would be over taken with sexual passion and there was very little I could do to stop it. Even though I knew that I might find the key to get free by the morning, the thought of being discovered and then publicly humiliated is something that has always intrigued me about self-bondage.

Many times I have thought of the idea of going to a motel room in some out of the way place, putting myself in some restrictive bondage and setting up the safety to release the key just before the maid comes to clean the room. The thought of being caught is part of the excitement and fun of tying myself up.

Many thoughts have run through my mind while bound and gagged by my own hand. What if I'm caught by a neighbor or the maid? Will they understand what has happened? Will they run and get help? Or will they maybe smile to themselves and decide to play? Nothing excites me more than the thought of being discovered by an unknown person and that person having their way with me and I'm not able to tell who it is. I'm ravaged,

teased, and brought to the brink of orgasm several times and then finally taken over the edge. Then nothing! Whoever was there is gone and I am once again left alone with my ropes and gags. Who was that masked person? Those thoughts continued this evening as I moved slowly about the room.

I continued to move throughout the room, inch by inch. I was only able to crawl on my stomach and my side and when I did move forward, my breasts were rubbed across the carpet. More stimulation was nice and it made for incentive to keep moving. I couldn't lay on my back and move around, because of the handcuff issue and the possible tightening problem. Even if I found the keys, if the handcuffs were too tight, I wouldn't have the play in the cuffs needed to position the key in the hole, so this option was ruled out right away. I had wished now that I hadn't been so cute and put the blindfold under the head harness, I might have been able to rub it off. But not this time. No, I was way too good for that.

The blindfold made all the distances that I traveled seem like miles. I continued to try and feel around on the floor for the key, using my booted feet to see if I might hit the key and make it jingle or something. No luck. I was growing weary. I had been bound and gag in a variety of ways tonight, most very stringent and tiring. I was slowing down.

The vibrator continued to work and do its job, the bondage was still very tight. With the looming thought of being discovered in a few hours my sexual passion was soon on the rise again. I decided that I would at least go out with a bang. I pulled on the cuffs trying to pull the crotch strap tighter. It was working. I rubbed my breast and nipples along the carpet to further the stimulation. The vibrator was still turning on and off and I was timing my thrust with each cycle of vibration. Orgasm was quickly approaching. I pulled harder. I tried to bring my legs up to a hogtie. That feeling of helplessness was overwhelming. I bit hard on my gag and screamed. I exploded. Stars shined everywhere behind the blindfold. I screamed into the ball gag again. I'm sure no one heard me, but I didn't care if they did. I was floating in heaven. I really didn't care who found me now, this was what bondage was all about, erotic stimulation.

The first orgasm was followed by at least three more smaller ones, each taking my breath away. Finally I was through and exhausted. I rolled on my side. Sleep came quickly. I'm sure the dreams of tight bondage, Miko, her silver nipple rings and the soon-to-find-me maid would make for some nice thoughts and dreams.

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