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Chapter 73

Miko must have called her after I was done with my self-bondage. Jennifer wanted to know if I had enjoyed my evening of bondage modeling. I moaned a yes into my gag as best as I could. Trying to talk only made me drool more around the ball gag. Miko took the phone away and told Jennifer the different positions that I had picked. She also described my current bondage position and the clothing I was wearing. Miko told her that it was all on tape for her to see. The photos would be ready in about one week and there would be about two hundred of them. I was impressed. Miko mentioned that she would send Jennifer a set of the photos after I had seen them, along with a copy of the videos, with my permission of course. I nodded in agreement since talking was out of the question. This was turning out to be a very special birthday evening but it wasn't over yet.

Miko placed the phone back to me ear and Jennifer told me that she had one more little surprise for the evening. I listened and if I wouldn't have been blindfolded, you would have seen a look of both utter surprise and shock. I couldn't believe my ears as to what Jennifer had planned for me, or better yet what Jennifer had planned for Miko to do to me. I moaned into my gag but it was to late, Miko had taken the phone away and was telling Jennifer that all her instructions would be carried out as she had requested. Miko then said goodbye and hung up. I was shocked but of course helpless to stop Miko from carrying out Jennifer's devilish plan for the rest of my birthday present.

Miko laughed. She told me that she was removing the key from the ice release device and had already picked up the pitcher of water, my back up safety device. My beautiful Japanese friend now controlled all the keys and my freedom. I sat there in sheer shock and also heightened excitement. With what Jennifer had planned for the rest of the evening, I didn't need the vibrator locked between my legs to keep me excited for the rest of the evening.

Miko then told me that she had placed a set of keys on the floor somewhere in the living room. It was now my job to try and locate them. The way I was tied, it would make moving very slow and since my hands were gloved, and locked to my waist, only very small areas could be searched at a time. Add this to the fact that I was blindfolded with no reference at all to where the rest of the furniture in the room was located and I was stuck, but that wasn't all to this evening's problem. I listened carefully as Miko picked up and dialed the hotel housekeeping service and requested that the room be made up at six o'clock the next morning. Six sharp as the room was going to used for an important conference at seven.

Now I had some incentive to find the keys. If I didn't get free before six in the morning I would be found by the maid who was now scheduled to clean the room. That would be very embarrassing to say the least. Besides being at the mercy of another stranger, she could call the cops, and have me thrown out. No telling what would happen then. All I knew was that I had to find those keys.

Miko told me that it was about 12:30 am and she had unplugged the phone. She also told me that since she was leaving for the evening, she had tied the spare key and long thin rope that had been tied to the pitcher of water, to the fire alarm by the front door. If I really wanted out badly, I could get the key and cause the alarm to go off, and of course bring lots of help and other things I'm sure. Miko also said that she would return at 6:15 a.m. in the morning to check and see what the maid found. Miko joked that maybe the maid would be late. She laughed. She then walked over to me, bent down and lightly kissed me on the forehead. Happy birthday she said from both Jennifer and her. She also told me that she hoped that we would play again in the future. Miko then got up and headed out. I heard her lock the door behind her. I was all alone.

What a feeling. Complete shock and excitement. I almost had an orgasm just thinking about the rest of the night, the unknown, the anticipation. My nipples were rock hard, and now I wished I had used the nipple clamps because I couldn't get to them the way I had tied myself. I would just have to wait for the morning to come. I shook my head. What was I saying, waiting for morning to come? It was not supposed to be like this. I did not write this in to the script yesterday.

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