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Chapter 72

I picked up the long leather gloves and pulled them on the appropriate arms. I smoothed the leather tightly, pulling it up to almost my shoulders, interlacing my fingers to ensure the leather was tight. I was ready for the last few steps.

I tested all my bonds for comfort to ensure that nothing was going to stick or poke me. The tight bondage would be enough for the rest of the evening and I didn't want any additional discomfort to go along. One nice thought though was the vibrator was still going strong, shutting off and turning on, slowly teasing me. I knew that once the bondage was complete, I would be able to concentrate on the sexual feelings starting to well up inside of me. This foreplay of tying myself up always got me excited and any additional stimulus only added to the mounting fun and wetness between my legs.

Once the gloves were on and pulled tight, I picked up the thumbcuffs, felt for the hole to ensure it was facing the right way, and locked one side on my left thumb. I pulled my arms back behind me and felt for the handcuffs. I took a deep breath and locked one cuff on the right gloved wrists, followed shortly by the left wrist. I then quickly secured the right thumb in the thumbcuff and locked it tight. Bondage complete.

The only differences in the this adventure, this evening, as compared to other times with my self-bondage was that I didn't use a butt plug this time, nor did I use any nipple clamps or clothespins. I would save them for another day. It was the photo set that I was really after.

I sat there for a few minutes getting use to the new bondage. Sitting straight up was kind of difficult due to the constriction of the corset and I wasn't able to do much with bending my knees. The boots were stiff and I had ensured that the knee strap was pulled tight. My kind of bondage.

Miko was still walking around taking photos from all sides. She continued to talk me through different poses but mostly she just shot what she saw. The camera stopped and she mentioned that a few more minutes of video would be all that was needed until I started to get free. She asked if I was OK. I nodded that I was. I rolled over on to my stomach and again tried to bring my booted legs up to my ass. It was difficult and I was glad I didn't decide to use a hogtie today. My body was already going to be sore from all the different bondage positions I'd been in today.

Miko must of put the camera down, because I heard her lite up a cigarette and exhale. She was watching me. It was kind of exciting to know that someone was watching me do this kind of bondage.

I next heard what sounded like Miko starting to put her materials away. The warmth from the lights was now gone which meant she was breaking down her spots. I probably had about thirty more minutes until the ice melted or until Miko finished cleaning her stuff up. There wasn't much I could do, so I just laid on the floor trying to get free. The vibrator was doing its excellent job of teasing me to death and laying on my stomach was causing me to flatten out my breasts giving them that crushed feeling. I was starting to get warm inside. Now I was starting to hope that Miko wouldn't untie me until I had a chance to get rid of some of this sexual tension that had been building since the last bondage tie up. I can still remember those vibrating nipple clamps and the very tight crotch rope.

I realized suddenly that all sound in the room had stopped. Miko must have left the room for a moment. I continued to struggle pulling hard on the waist belt hoping to pull the plug deeper into my already wet pussy. The vibrator kept turning off at the wrong time. It was getting me very sexually frustrated which, I guess was why I spent so much money on its design. Its these moments that make for great memoirs.

I heard Miko returning to the living room , but she was talking to someone. I blushed. I didn't know she was bringing someone else up her. No one talked back. She was on the phone. I listened carefully. Words like, "tightly bound and gagged", "key was frozen", etc. The conversation was about me. I was beginning to wonder who she was talking to. I didn't have to wait long. Miko walked over to me and helped me to sit back up, then to semi-stand up and helped me to sit on the stool. She placed the phone next to me ear. A very familiar voice said hello. It was Jennifer!

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