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Chapter 71

I stood there looking at myself in the mirror. The corset was sleek and very restrictive and was in sharp contrast to the whiteness of my firm breasts. I slowly cupped each breast as if I was judging their weight. My fingers glided over each nipple bringing them to full attention. This slow build up prior to the actual self-bondage fun was most enjoyable. Miko stood back and continued to take more photos.

I reached down and picked up the handcuffs and another small lock and locked the cuffs to the D-ring attached to the back of the chastity belt. When my wrists were locked in the handcuffs, my arms would be effectively tied to my body. I smiled at Miko. I was ready to begin the next phase.

I picked up my gloves, turned on my heels and headed out of the bathroom with Miko in tow. She commented on how she liked the way the leather strap was in sharp contrast to the cheeks of my rear end. I just turned and smiled at her telling her that it feels even better than it looks.

As we walked, Miko asked me what happens if the key doesn't fall or I can't find it etc. I told her that sometimes I call Jennifer to stand by for me and that if I didn't call her back in a few hours, she was to come over and help me. Jennifer likes these games and has at times shown up early to take advantage of the situation. Miko nodded. I also told her about the back up safety that I use. In fact, if she wanted to photograph it, I'd set up for her. Miko agreed.

I walked over to the wet bar and pulled a large glass pitcher from the cabinet. I filled it with water. I then placed the pitcher on the edge of the wet bar. I walked over to the restraint bag and pulled out a long thin rope and another set of keys that opened my handcuffs and thumbcuffs. I tied the keys about twelve inches from one end of the rope. I then tied that end of the rope to the handle of the pitcher. The rest of the rope was draped out on the floor. Miko took several photos. I explained to her that if something happened and the ice and key device didn't work, I could struggle over to the pitcher and pull the key down. The consequences was that I would probably break the pitcher and spill the water. I also explained to her, that at home I use oil, or grape juice that would really make a mess so it would have to be a real emergency for me to get this key. Obviously I wouldn't choose to use a glass container because I would have to crawl through broken glass to get to the key. Having the consequences of a large mess makes me think twice about trying to take the easy way out of my bondage. Being tired is not one of those things that I count as an emergency. I told Miko that I have been lucky to date and haven't had to use this device. Miko just smiled in amazement. Never had she realized all the details and forethought that someone could put into tying themselves up. I smiled, stepped back and shrugged my shoulders. A fetish, that's what it was called.

The ice and key device was just starting to make a small wet spot in the carpet. It was time to begin the bondage fun. At this point, I usually check that the doors are locked and the curtains drawn but with the location of the penthouse and the fact that Miko was there, I didn't worry about them this time.

I walked over to the center of the room and carefully sat on the floor next to my pile of restraints. Sitting down was difficult due to the boots and the restriction of the corset. Miko hovered around in the background taking both photos and video as needed.

I picked up the first long strap, crossed my booted ankles and begin to wrap the black strap tightly around my two legs just above the heels. I stopped often to catch my breath. I just love corsets, just like boots, they are almost a bondage by themselves. I quickly buckled the strap using the roller buckle. I repeated the same process with additional straps just below and above the knees and then one last one on my bare thighs above the boots. My legs were now one piece of black leather boots and straps. I explained to Miko that being cross ankled like this made standing almost impossible especially with the stiffness of the boots and the height of the heels. She nodded in agreement.

I next picked up the collar and buckled it around my neck. A small pad lock secured its position. I was explaining each step to Miko as I went along. I then picked up the thin leather blindfold and was ready to begin the final steps.

I put the gloves across my lap for later retrieval and checked to see that the ball gag and thumbcuffs were within easy reach. I placed the blindfold to my eyes and brought the two straps around my head and buckled them tightly. The thin leather molded to my face sealing off all light.

I mentioned to Miko again that after she had the photos and the video she wanted, she could go ahead and get the key for me and we would wrap up the evening. Miko said OK and continued to snap photos. The gag was next.

Before I gagged myself, Miko asked me why I like gloves so much. I told her they added to the fetish look, protected my wrists, and they made opening the cuffs a little more difficult due to it's harder to find the key hole with the gloves on. I also told her, I'd show her later when I was free. Miko said she was looking forward to it. She laughed.

I picked up the head harness and ball gag and placed the ball to my wet lips. This ball was medium sized and would fill my mouth completely. Just as I was about to insert it, Miko asked why I was putting the harness over the blindfold. I smiled and told her that it tended to keep the blindfold in place better and that this way I couldn't remove it by rubbing it on the carpet. Such tricks I have, she told me.

I inserted the gag and it came to rest in its familiar resting spot behind my teeth. I buckled the two straps tightly behind my neck over my hair. I pulled the head harness up over the top of my head and buckled it to its keeper that was also attached to the neck strap in back. The harness straps were attached to either side of the ball. It framed my nose and pressed directly on the blindfold. The last two straps where buckled under my chin forcing me to bite down on the ball. I tried to open my mouth and speak, only garbled words came out. Miko told me that it seemed to be a very effective gag. I nodded, then tried to laugh, not much came out, yes it was.

I picked up the last long strap and wrapped it loosely around my upper body, over my arms and above my breasts. I buckled this comfortably tight. This was not a great arm bondage but good enough. I couldn't make it as tight as I usually like because then I would not be able to move my arms behind me to use the cuffs. To keep the strap in place, I picked up a small two ended clip and fed one end through the metal buckle of the strap and the other end I clipped to the D-ring on my collar. As I rolled around on the floor, this would serve to keep the belt from sliding over my head. I have invented a way to do the same with an elastic strap behind me but decided not to use it tonight.

I could hear Miko still taking photos in the background. Occasionally she would tell me to stop moving and ask me to turn this way and that to get a good look at all the bondage restraints. She then told me to continue with my self-bondage adventure.

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