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Chapter 70

With the key now set up, I was ready to begin the final adventure for the evening. Miko was taking several photos of the key release device then she asked me if I wanted to pose in my boots and corsets. She told me she wanted to get some more of the fetish type-dressing for pleasure photos. I agreed and thought it would be fun.

Miko asked me to put on my gloves on to complete the outfit. I did so. I was now a vision of black leather. Between the boots, corset, and now the gloves everything was black. It was also tight fitting, and I loved it. I posed sitting on the stool, bending over the stool, with my legs crossed and even with a glass of wine. Miko asked me if I minded holding a lit cigarette. She said that it would give the photos a "classic" look and the smoke would add to the surreal background. I quickly agreed.

Miko walked over and removed a cigarette from her purse and lit it, blowing a thin stream of smoke towards the ceiling, obviously enjoying the feel. She then handed it to me to hold, showing me how to hold the cigarette between my index and middle fingers. I held the long white smoke between my two fingers of kid leather. The contrast was very sharp and the rising cloud of smoke cast an eerie feeling. Miko took several more photos of me dressed in my leather holding the cigarette in a variety of typical positions. She told me that I looked the part of a stern dominatrix and the cigarette added to the part. I had to agree with her statement. I always felt that when I watched Jennifer smoke, she really got into the part of being dominant. There was something that smoking added to the scene. Kind of a "bad girl" image as she was tying me up. I smiled. Me a dominatrix, huh? And to think this "dominatrix" is about to tie herself up for the camera. It was ironic to say the least. Miko finally finished this portion of the photo shoot. I handed the cigarette back to her and she took one last drag and then put it out. She told me she hated to waste a good cigarette.

Finally Miko told me to begin with the self-bondage and she would try and capture the aspects and techniques. We discussed how long I had before the key fell to the ground and that if she wanted to speed things along by putting the key on the floor a few minutes after I finished, I would understand. It was getting late in the evening. Miko just smiled and told me to wait and see how things went.

I took one last sip of wine and set the glass down. I walked over to the pile of restraints and picked up the chastity belt with the one plug, the set of handcuffs that Miko was playing with, and two small locks. I took all this to the bathroom. Miko followed with camera in hand.

I removed my gloves and set them down on the bathroom counter top. I then proceeded to strap the two inch waist belt tightly around my waist over the corset. Attached to the belt in back was a long one inch crotch strap. It just hung between my booted legs for now.

I picked up the plug and showed it to Miko. She took a few photos then asked to see it. I turned it on for her and she just smiled. I explained to her the how the vibrator worked and that once turned on, it would randomly turn off and on for several minutes. It can be such a tease. It was a special order from a small company overseas. The batteries would last about ninety minutes. Miko just smiled, and told me that the vibrator was almost as good as a man, sometimes on, sometimes off. We laughed. The batteries would last for more than enough to get through the night's last scene. The vibrator would at least keep the bondage interesting.

I quickly lubricated the plug, carefully centered it and then inserted it. That feeling of fullness was once again present. Miko was on her knees in front me taking several photos. I just smiled at her and told she was really a pervert. She laughed and said that Jennifer would really like these photos also.

I reached through my legs and pulled the strap up back toward the front of my waist. Before I buckled the strap to the front of the waist belt, I reached down and turned on the vibrator. It started instantly. I caught my breath. I then brought the strap up to my waist belt and threaded it through its keeper and hasp. I then locked the belt tightly in place. The one inch crotch strap was buried deep between the folds of my labia. The plug was not coming out.

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