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Chapter 68

I now walked over and dug up another set of keys, since Miko was still trying to get free with the first set. I walked back over to the metal ring and tied the one end of other string to the new set of keys. The other end of the string was made into a loop that could be tightened. I slipped this end over the ice cube that was already starting to melt. I frowned. The cube had melted too much and I needed to get another one from the ice box. Miko watched as I retrieved a new ice cube. I again slipped the loop over this new cube. I pulled on the keys and the ice cube was pulled up to the metal ring. The ring was small enough that the ice cube wouldn't go through. Therefore the key would stay suspended about 5 feet off the floor until the cube melted and the keys, under their own weight, would fall to the floor.

From experience, I knew I had about fifty-five minutes until the cube would melt enough and the keys fall to the floor. It was time Miko got free and started to photograph again. Any more time wasted would require me to switch out the ice cube once again.

As I was approaching Miko to free her, she laughed. She had done it. Her left hand was free. Not bad I told her. Too bad, it was so quick, I wanted to get her picture while she was in bondage. Miko tried to talk behind the gag, but I wasn't able to get much out of her. I reached around behind her and loosened the buckle to the ball gag. Miko reached and pulled the ball from her lips and told me to go ahead and get her camera, she would recuff herself for me. Miko replaced the ball gag and reached behind her head and rebuckled the gag tightly in her mouth. I walked over to the table and picked up the camera and walked back to where Miko was sitting. She was just finishing up locking her wrists behind again. I took a few photos from different ankles. Miko just smiled into the camera trying to play the helpless victim. I told her she didn't look helpless enough and did she mind if I maybe unbuttoned her blouse and freed her breasts from her bra. Miko smiled behind the gag and slightly blushed. She nodded her head yes. I walked over to her and slowly unbuttoned the silk blouse. Miko watched as each button was undone. Her breathing was very slow. I also told her I really liked her nipple rings and wanted to see them again. She smiled the gag and nodded.

When her blouse was unbuttoned, I pulled it off her shoulders. Miko just looked up into my eyes. I then carefully unsnapped the bra and pulled the cups aside, freeing her breasts. Her nipples were standing straight out. I stepped back and took a few more photos including a close up of her nipple rings. Miko started to drool around the ball gag and the drool was dripping on to her breasts. This made for a very erotic photo. I shot a few more photos of her nipple rings and breasts. I told her that the rings and of course her breasts were beautiful. Miko just blushed. I walked up to her and asked her if I could touch them. Miko just looked at me above the ball gag and nodded. I took each nipple ring between my fingers and felt the weight of the ring lightly brushing my finger across her nipples. They were rock hard. I was surprised how sturdy the rings felt. I pulled on the rings slightly. Miko had her eyes closed, I stopped and asked it she was all right. She nodded but didn't open her eyes. I leaned forward and lightly kissed her on the forehead. I told her thank you. Miko opened her eyes and smiled behind the gag.

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