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Chapter 65

For this last scene, I wanted her to photograph all aspects of a complicated self-bondage tie up. All the way from the dressing up part, setting up the safety devices and getting free after I was done.

I began my fun by slowly going through my clothes bag and removing the things I wanted to wear. First was my leather corset. Black in color and heavily boned, it fit like a glove from just above my hips to just below my breasts. The cupped inserts pushed my breasts up making them firm and very sensitive. The corset had six garters attached, three for each side. Second was a pair of black crotchless, high-waisted panties. I choose crotchless due to use of my special chastity belt and one plug. I like high waisted because it gives that older John Willie or Irving Klaw look. Finally, I picked up my long kid leather gloves and my black thigh-high boots.

Miko was walking around shooting photos of me from every angle. I was still wearing the stockings, garter belt, G-string and high heeled pumps from my last bondage adventure. The black stockings would be the only piece of lingerie that I would wear again.

I took the lingerie and walked back over to the couch. I removed my pumps, followed by my panties. Then I unhooked the garters and removed the garter belt. I picked up the high-waisted panties and slipped them on. The boots were next. I really enjoyed these boots, especially the way the leather came right up to my crotch. "Pussy Scratcher" is a term that I've heard come up in conversation. The heels were about six inches in height and walking in them was an art. I had requested good sturdy leather when I had custom ordered them and this sturdiness played to my advantage. With the boots on and zipped up, bending my legs at the knee was hampered. Trying to bend down to get on the floor, or get up for that matter was always more difficult with the boots on. When I first got them, they were as stiff as splints and made for a great leg bondage. This was the third time tonight for the boots and each time got better.

Now for the corset. Since the corset was boned so heavily, I had to put the boots on first as it would be more difficult to reach down and zip them up after the corset was on and laced up. I stepped into the corset and pulled it up over my hips. I had to do this was because I couldn't lace all the eyelets behind me by myself. Once the corset was pulled over my hips and into its natural position, I reached behind me and carefully begin to tighten the laces shut. This was not as easy as it may seem. I couldn't see behind me and was constantly retightening laces that I had already done. I have done this many times in the past so it just took a little patience. Miko was still walking around taking photos as the opportunity arose. She commented that I was very talented and it showed the many years of self-bondage practice.

Finally the corset was as tight as I was going to get by myself. A reduction of 3 inches was the best I could do, but it was enough to labor my breathing and hamper me in trying to bend over and look at my toes. My breasts were again pushed up very high making them very firm and the nipples hard. I sneaked a quick pinch of each nipple. I looked up to see Miko smiling behind her camera. She had caught me on film. My face reddened, but it was too late.

I picked up the gloves and walked over to the pile of restraints on the floor. Miko put her camera down, lit up a cigarette, and walked over to me and sat on the stool. She wanted to watch me set up the keys that I would use for my later release.

I picked up the set of handcuffs and thumbcuffs and checked that the keys worked. The first step in safe self-bondage. Of course they did and I had several more sets of keys in the restraint bag in case these failed. I handed the cuffs to Miko to hang on to for a few moments while I went to retrieve a couple pieces of string, a small one inch metal ring, and an ice cube from the refrigerator located behind the wet bar.

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