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Chapter 63

Miko walked around behind me and tied a rope around my waist, looping it several times about my body. She then pulled the rope from under my waist through my legs, carefully burying the rope deep in my crotch, taking care to spread my labia to ensure the rope hit the most sensitive spots. Again, she then quickly removed the rope and added several knots. Miko then replaced the rope ensuring the knots were in their correct places. They were. The end of the rope was then fed up to the D-ring on my single glove and tied off tightly. Now any movement by my arms was instantly felt on my pussy. Miko walked away. Not a sound could be heard.

Suddenly, the nipple clamps started to vibrate. What a strange feeling. The bite of the clamps had dulled somewhat but now was increasing again. Along with the bite was the stimulation. I moved my body in response causing the clamps to swing and the crotch rope to be pulled tighter. I was in heaven. Miko was once again taking photos. I was lost in my bondage. Many times while I was in this position, Jennifer would use my chastity belt and plugs to keep me on the edge of orgasm for hours. The vibrating clamps were new, and I enjoyed them. Now I wished for a vibrator in other places. I would have to use these clamps for my own self-bondage fun in the future.

I could feel my sexual urge starting to grow. I was also drooling but couldn't stop it. The clamps on my nipples stopped vibrating. I moaned. Another swat to the ass. Then more vibrating. I pulled on the crotch rope. I was getting close. Suddenly, no more vibrating and Miko cut the rope leading to my crotch. The pressure was gone. Damn! Foiled again.

The bondage scene was over, for now. Miko released the clip on the leash that was attached to the collar. She also removed all the crotch ropes. I felt her reach up and untie the rope attached to the ceiling. She slowly lowered my arms. I was now able to stand up straight. Miko over walked behind me and unbuckled the gag. The ball came out with a pop. She used her hand to wipe off the drool, the hazards of such a position. I asked her if the spanking and clamps were also one of Jennifer's little tricks for her to pull on me. Miko just laughed and this time said no, it was her idea.

Miko unlocked the small locks on my ankle and shoe cuffs and removed the spreader bar. She then removed the blindfold. I looked down and saw the nipple clamps still attached to me nipples. Attached to the clamps was a small egg vibrator. The two small eggs were attached with a long wire that led to the control box that Miko was now holding. She smiled and turned the control back on. The vibrations started again in my nipples. The feeling was wonderful, my eyes rolled. She stopped the control box and walked up and carefully removed the clamps. Yes, of course they hurt more when they come off. Miko gently massaged each nipple to get the blood flowing. I just closed my eyes and enjoyed.

Miko then walked behind me and started to unstrap the single glove. She unlocked the wrist strap, followed by unbuckling the shoulder straps, she then she unbuckled the zipper keeper and unzipped the glove and removed it. She leaned over and picked up the restraints from the floor and put then back into the bag. I was still bound at the wrists with the leather strap. Miko turned and laughed. Sorry she said, smiling. I walked over to her and she unbuckled the wrist strap. I was now free. I looked at the clock. 11:00 p.m. with one more scene to go. I was tired. I didn't know bondage modeling could be so rough.

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