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Chapter 62

This position was very stringent and left a girl open to almost anything. My rear end was fully exposed as were my pussy and inner thighs due to the spread of the legs. My breasts hung down and the nipples were pointed at the floor. A sight of sheer vulnerability was the picture that entered my mind. I especially like this position and Jennifer seems to prefer this one when I tie her up. I'm not sure why she likes it so much, but I do get the chance to really tease her when she tied like this. If I don't use the single glove, I'd just use lots of rope. Jennifer is also very flexible and she can get her elbows together behind her. She looks very good in the high heels and strappado.

Miko picked up her camera and started to take photos. She walked all around having me pose with my head in various angles for effect. Video followed the still photos. She made sure that she got the close ups on my face as I started to drool around the ball gag.

Miko set the camera down and rummaged through my restraint bag once again. She came up with my leather blindfold and a long leather leash. She walked over and buckled the blindfold tightly over my eyes. This blindfold was a wide strip of very thin leather that had a triangle cut out for the nose to protrude through. When the blindfold was in place and buckled, no light penetrated the leather and since it was so thin, it molded to my face. I was now sightless.

I felt her then clip the leash to my collar then wrap the other end over my spreader bar several time. She pulled slowly until I couldn't bend down any further. She then tied the leash in place. So far so good. I couldn't raise up or move down. More photos followed of the tighter bondage.

As she was taking photos, I was getting the feel of my restraints. Tight and very secure. My arms were pulled high over my head and my shoulders were beginning their dull ache. My feet were getting sore due to the height of the heels but I couldn't remove them due to the shoe locks. Not bad I thought, bondage at its best.

Suddenly, I heard a buzzing or humming noise. Ah, Miko was going to play with my vibrator. But no. The humming stopped. I felt a cool hand on my right breast. It gently rubbed my nipple, bringing it to full attention. Then I felt her pull the nipple slightly, followed by the sharp biting sensation of a nipple clamp. This clamp was slightly more weighted than my normal clamps. The left breast and nipple were next. As I moved, the clamps would swing back and forth increasing the attention paid to the nipples. I could not stop the movement. I could only moan into my gag. I could also feel that my inner thighs were becoming moist.

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