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Chapter 61

Miko asked if I were ready to go. I just smiled and walked over to the single glove and picked it up. I carefully unbuckled and unzipped the glove about half way down to afford easier access. On impulse, I walked back over to my bag of restraints and pulled out a nine inch long, one inch wide, leather strap. I handed the strap to Miko and asked her strap my wrists together palm to palm before I was zipped into the glove. Miko just shook her head and, with a smile, took the strap and turned me around. I placed my wrists behind me palm to palm and Miko did the honors, tightly strapping them together. She then turned and picked up the single glove and held it open behind me. I lifted my arms slightly and she began to pull the soft leather glove up my arms. When the leather was above my elbows, and my fingers were touching the bottom of the glove, she began to zip the glove shut. Miko carefully pulled my elbows together as the zipper moved up. Finally the zipper reached the top. My elbows were now very close together.

At the top of the glove was a small strap that she buckled by first threading it through the hasp in the zipper. She then buckled the strap in its keeper. With the zipper secured this way, it would not slip down and the leather strap helped to remove the tension from the zipper.

Also attached to the top of the glove on both sides were two long black leather straps with several holes drilled along each length of leather. The left strap was pulled under my left arm up and above my left breast across my chest and pulled over my right shoulder. It was buckled to the top of the glove on the right side. The same procedure was followed for the right strap. The glove was now held up by these straps that crisscrossed above my breasts. This prevented the glove from slipping down my arms. The final restraint attached to the glove was a two-inch wide leather strap that was tightly buckled around my wrists on the outside of the glove. This strap had a hasp buckled and Miko locked this strap in place with a small lock. I always did enjoy this glove. This glove forced my elbows together and caused my breasts to stick out, but what was nice about the glove was the tension of the arms was spread out up and down the arms and not just concentrated on the wrists and elbows. I could actually wear this type of bondage longer than with very tight ropes.

Miko walked over to the restraint bag and removed a set of leather shoe cuffs and a two inch locking collar. The shoe cuffs were a special design made up of a regular leather ankle cuff but had an extra half-inch strap that was riveted at 90 degrees to the ankle cuff. Miko came back over to me and knelt down and attached a cuff to each ankle. She then drew the shoe cuff down under the heel of my pump and back up to the other side of the cuff. Both were fed through the hasp. The other ankle followed in the same manner. She did not lock the cuffs as of yet as I still had a few more items to go yet and I did not want the spreader bar between my ankles as of yet. Standing there with my legs spread and these high heels would have been difficult. Miko then stood up and next locked the collar around my neck, again using one of the small padlocks. This collar had a large D-ring attached to the front which would be used later.

Miko picked up the red ball gag and I carefully followed her on my high heels to the center of the room. I turned and placed my back to the rope that was threaded through the hook in the ceiling. Miko attached one end of the rope to the large D-ring that was a part of the single glove attached at the finger tips.

Miko next walked back to the couch and picked up the spreader bar and returned to me. She bent down and locked one end of the bar to my right ankle. She then carefully had me spread my legs and then proceeded to lock the left ankle to the other end of the spreader bar. With the ankle cuffs and shoe cuffs locked on, I couldn't remove my shoes. Foot bondage at its best I thought to myself.

Miko stepped back and looked around. She asked if I were ready to continue. Yes, gag away I told her. Miko stepped forward and carefully inserted the red ball into my waiting mouth. She firmly lodged the ball safely behind my teeth. She then drew the black straps around my head and buckled the gag tightly at the nape of the neck, taking care to move my hair out of the way. Out of nowhere came a hand that started to tickle my sides. I laughed but was unable to move away due to the spreader bar and the height of the heels. Miko just laughed. Jennifer must have told her I was ticklish, especially under the arms and on the rib cage. She stopped and promised not to take too much advantage of my helplessness.

Miko stepped up to the rope and slowly began to pull. As she did, my gloved arms were slowly drawn toward the ceiling and my upper body was bent forward. She continued to pull until my body was at a 90-degree angle and my gloved arms were straight up and down. She then tied the rope off several feet about my wrists, no chance for escape.

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