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Chapter 60

Once I finished with the shower, I returned to the living room. Miko was still sitting on the couch, but next to her was my black single glove, my 18" spreader bar, and my ball gag. It seems that she had already looked ahead to the next scene and got the restraints ready. She was admiring the single glove and its construction. Yes, it was very secure, I told her.

I walked over to the clothes bag and pulled out a pair of black seamed stockings, black garter belt, and a pair of black g-string panties. I also picked up my black patent opera pumps. These had six-inch stiletto heels and made standing and walking a challenge. They were great foot bondage devices which was exactly why I choose to wear them. Hobbled in very high heels is almost at good at tying the ankles tightly together.

I returned to the end of the couch next to Miko and set my stuff down. I hooked the garter belt around my waist, straightening the garters as I went. I sat down and carefully pulled the stockings on ensuring the seams were straight and down the middle of the back of my legs. I attached the stockings to the four garters, two for each leg. Miko watched patiently, sipping on her wine, then got up and went to the bathroom. I then slipped on the pumps, followed by the panties. Miko quickly returned and sat down next to me and we went over the next scene again.

When that was finished I watched as Miko went over and started moving the small step ladder back to the middle of the room. She picked up a long rope, stepped up on the ladder and threaded it through the hook in the ceiling. I smiled. I knew what that was for.

Miko came over and we again discussed a few more of the details. I did ask her about the three swats on the ass I received during my last bondage position. I was right. Jennifer had left word to make it "fun." I was beginning to wonder what else Jennifer had planned for Miko to try that night.

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