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Chapter 59

There was no light, and little sound. The aroma of the leather was overpowering. I loved it. The taste of the panties was familiar, mine, of course, but I did miss the taste of Jennifer's. She often used her panties as a gag, when she didn't want to use the ball gag. Unfortunately Jennifer didn't leave any of her wet panties to use this time. I wondered if Miko would lend me hers? Oh well, too late.

Combined with the tight embracing bondage of the straitjacket and the high boots, the feeling of restraint was almost complete. Usually Jennifer also binds my legs and ankles in several places, but for this scene I wanted to be a little more mobile, at least for the start.

Miko guided me over to the center of the room and left me there. I slowly moved in a circle trying to see where she had gone. All sound was muffled. She must have been off to the side with the camera. Occasionally she would touch my arm and position me in a certain way to enhance the appearance of my bondage and helplessness.

Finally I felt her hook a chain on the large D-ring attached to the leather collar on front on my hood. She pulled gently forcing me to follow. I walked carefully in the high-heeled boots and hobble chains. She must have walked me over to the wall and hooked the chain to the wall. When I tried to move, I couldn't and I found that I was restricted to only a few inches in any direction with the wall being in front of me. More photos I guess were taken. Again, I was left by myself. Just me, the leather, and the two plugs strapped deeply in their wet, warm, hiding places. Now I had wished that I had chose to use the vibrating plugs. At least I would have added some additional stimulation to this scene. I did this scene because I did like the isolation and I knew that Jennifer like the straitjacket. Oh well, maybe next time.

After what seemed like hours, but was probably five to ten minutes, I felt Miko unhook the chain from the wall and pull me along to my next position. Being in the hood didn't allow me much input to any of these positions. I had to rely on Miko's artistic eye. I only specified the jacket and hood, I left the positions up to Miko.

Miko must have lead me back to the center of the room. She then gently pushed my upper body forward as if she wanted me to bend over. I did. It felt like I was leaning over something and it felt like the back of a chair. I felt the chain attach to my collar go taught. When I tried to straighten up, I couldn't. I was stuck. I felt Miko attached a lock to my short hobble chain and lock the chain to the leg of the chair. I wasn't going anyway without the chair going with me.

This position left me open and my ass free and I'm sure Jennifer would have used it to her advantage. With the hood on, combined with the ear plugs, most of the sensory input was from smell and feel. The leather smell was strong and I could feel the cool air blowing on my naked upper thighs just above the boots. In fact, the only skin showing was a small section just above the boots, below the straitjacket and of course the checks of my ass. Suddenly I felt a swat on the ass. I jerked in surprise. Then another. This wasn't in the letter. It stopped with three. The swats didn't hurt too much but were more of a surprise. Obviously, Jennifer had given Miko additional instructions that I didn't know about. Pay backs would be hell to say the least. I was again left alone to struggle in my bondage. I presumed that Miko was taking more photos and lots of video tape of this particular scene for Jennifer.

After a while I felt Miko unlocking the hobble chain from the chair. She then unhooked the leash from the chair that was holding me bent over. I stood while she removed the chair out of the way. She gently helped me to the floor. As I sat down, the butt plug was pushed deeper in its hole. I moaned, but was sure Miko didn't hear it, panties, tape and a tight leather hood does wonders for noise. She patted my hooded head twice. Yes, I nodded, I was doing OK.

Miko gently pulled my booted legs up to the bent position with my knees spread wide. The cool air blasted on my wet inner thighs. I felt her pull the leash that was still attached to my collar and clip it to my hobble chain thus forcing me into a ball, a ball of black leather. She then got up and walked way. More photos I guess followed.

After a few minutes, I started to rock back and forth and suddenly fell over to my side. I couldn't move at all, and Miko didn't come to my recuse. She must have filmed the whole thing. I could see Jennifer now, laughing at my predicament. Still, she wasn't there to pick me up. I tried to move around but only managed to turn over on my back. I rested as my breath was restricted due to the hood and I tried to relax. I must have been some sight. A ball of black leather trying to roll on the floor. Finally, I felt Miko unhook the leash from my hobble chain, thus allowing my to straighten out my boots legs. I felt her unlock the ankle cuffs and remove them. She helped me to then stand.

She walked around behind me and unlocked the small lock on the back of the hood. Once the collar was free, she untied the laces and loosen them. She carefully pulled the hood off. I squinted in the bright lights. I was soaking wet from sweat. She removed the ear plugs and then pulled the duct tape off my lips and chin. She then slowly pulled out the wet panties. I had definitely got my fun out of those. The black loop of tape was last. I breathed deeply. Next to having my mouth stuffed with wet panties and tightly taped shut, the feeling of relief I get when they get removed is almost as good.

Miko then finished unbuckling the straitjacket, releasing the wrist straps, then unbuckling the crotch strap. The plug in my pussy slipped out due the wetness. Both Miko and I laughed. Miko held the straitjacket open and allowed me to remove my arms. I reached under my crotch and carefully removed the butt plug. It too was dropped to the floor. I would clean up the mess in a minute. I needed a shower and to use the bathroom now! The wine was going right though me. Having to pee and being in bondage can really make the time go by very slowly. I picked up the plugs and headed to the shower. I told Miko I'd be back in a few minutes. Miko said sure, take my time but don't forget to take my boots off. I almost forget. I laughed and sat on the bar stool and removed the boots. Miko just smiled, lit a cigarette and sat on the couch. I watched as she pulled her booted legs under her. I then turned and disappeared into the bathroom to a much needed shower. Two more scenes to go I thought with the strappado being next on the list. Being restrained with the single glove was also one of my favorite pastimes. I could hardly wait.

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