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Chapter 58

When Miko had finished pulling the crotch strap tight, I was standing with my arms at my side encased in the black leather sleeves. The sleeves were about eight inches longer than my fingertips. Attached near the end of the sleeves was a wrist strap. This was another special modification I had installed when I custom-ordered the jacket. These wrists straps were buckled about the wrists over the leather sleeves. The wrist straps prevented me from slipping my wrists and arms back through the sleeves, not that it was possible anyway when the back was buckled shut but it just added to the secured feeling. In addition, with the leather sleeves firmly strapped against my wrists, better leverage is obtained when the sleeves are buckled tightly behind me or in front of me.

Miko walked around in front of me ready to continue. I lifted my arms and she tightly buckled the wrist straps, thus forming kind of a mitten. The sleeves ended in long thick leather straps about three feet in length. I crossed my arms across my chest, below my breasts, tightly hugging myself, and Miko brought the left strap behind me and buckled it to its keeper on the left side of the jacket in back. She did the same for the right. She then slowly begin to tighten each strap until all slack was removed. It was like a warm snug embrace. I tried to move around in the jacket but there was very little room. A very secure feeling added to that warming effect between my legs.

The keepers attached in the back were on swivels and allowed the arms to be buckled in front as in a normal straightjacket restraint or across with are arms crossing in the back. This too was a very secure position but not as comfortable. It did allow for great access to the special zippers that were strategically place over the nipples.

Miko walked over and picked up a set of metal police ankle cuffs with a twelve-inch chain separating the cuffs. She knelt at my booted feet and locked a cuff around each ankle. I was very effectively hobbled, what with the chain and the six inch heels of the boots. Now for the gag and hood.

Miko smiled and asked if I had followed Jennifer's instructions to the letter. I smiled back and nodded. She asked where was the small plastic bag that contained my gag filling. I laughed and told her that it was located in the side pocket of the clothes bag. Miko searched for a few seconds and found it. She held up the clear plastic bag and look at the panties. She laughed too. Inside the bag was a pair of my black nylon panties that I had been directed to wear all day Friday at work. It was one of those subtle instructions that Miko mentioned before she hung up on Thursday, the chastity belt also. In fact, I hadn't removed them, until I arrived at the hotel this Saturday afternoon.

Miko removed them from the bag. They were still damp and my sex could be smelled across the room. Remember, I was very excited after I had talked to Miko that first night. Excited and wet. I also wore them under the tight chastity belt last night when I was typing out the details to all these bondage scenes. Yes, these were going to make a great gag.

Miko also picked up a role of half inch wide black electrician's tape, my leather discipline hood, a roll of wide grey duct tape, and my set of sponge rubber ear plugs. She smiled as she walked back to where I was standing.

I sat on the bed and Miko torn off a piece the electrician's tape about ten inches long. She had me open my mouth wide and she then formed a loop in the tape and placed the loop in my mouth. She then stuck the two ends of the tape to both sides of my cheeks. Miko then removed the moist panties from the bag and then slowly stuffed them into my mouth. She made sure to turn them crotch side out and insert the moist crotch first. The loop in the tape served to prevent the panties from being stuffed too far into the mouth causing me to gag or choke under the hood. When all of the panties were in, Miko tore off a long piece of duct tape and applied it across my lips, holding the panties in. She tore off another piece and taped this one under my chin and up the sides of my face. This served to force me to bite down on the gag. I tried to push the panties out with my tongue. No luck.

Miko climbed up on the bed next to me and carefully inserted the ear plugs. The sound in the room was now muffled. She then proceeded to pull the hood over my head, smoothing the leather across my face. She pulled carefully until the hood was in place and she had carefully lined up the oversize breathing holes over my nostrils. This hood had no openings for the eyes or the mouth, only the smaller ones for ease of breathing. When she was sure I was breathing normally, she then begin to lace the hood closed. She drew out all the slack from the hood. It became like a second skin. I couldn't hear anything at all now because of the ear plugs and the thickness of the leather hood. Miko tapped me on the shoulder twice. That was our signal to see if I were all right. I nodded, I was. When she finished lacing the hood shut, she tied the laces in a large bow at the base of the neck. She then pulled the two-inch collar that was attached to the front of the hood around my head and buckled it shut. She then fed a small lock through the keeper thus preventing the hood from being removed. The laces were locked under the collar. Cutting was the only way possible to get the hood off without the key. The bondage for this scene was complete. I sighed. I loved this feeling.

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