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Chapter 57

I can remember when it first arrived. It had taken about six weeks once I ordered it. When I opened the box, the thick smell of leather filled my nostrils. I picked it up and opened the back, admiring all the buckles and especially the craftsmanship. I put my arms in the sleeves and tried to imagine how I would feel tightly buckled in the leather. I called Jennifer right away and she came over when she was done with work a few hours later. It was a long wait. I even had to handcuff myself a few times just to keep me from playing with the jacket, and myself for that matter.

When she arrived, I showed her jacket and with a gleam in her eye she told me to strip completely and hold my arms out. I quickly complied with her wishes since I was only wearing a pair of panties and bra. In a few minutes, I was strapped tightly in the jacket, it was wonderful. Jennifer picked up another short strap from my box of restraints and quickly crossed and secured my ankles. I was now her prisoner and loving it.

Jennifer picked up a roll of grey duct tape and tore off a long strip. She picked up my moist panties and told me to open up. I smiled, licked my lips and opened wide. She proceeded to stuff the panties into my mouth then place the long strip of tape over my lips. I was now gagged. I could have worked the tape off if I wanted but I didn't, the gag was more for show than anything else. Of course it was quite an evening. I think I spent about four hours that night in the jacket. Jennifer even served me supper while bound. Finally she let me go, kissed me goodnight and went home. It was a super night.

After that night, we used the jacket in many of our bondage games. Most of the time it was used when we wanted to do overnight bondage or for longer times in confinement. I have worn the jacket to drive-in movies, long drives along the coast, and I have even worn it while horse back riding. Dressed in nothing but riding boots and straightjacket with plugs inserted can make for a very interesting and exciting ride. Jennifer has even got to wear the jacket several times and yes, even while horseback riding, except I added a blindfold and had her sit backwards on the horse. That was some day. . . Miko lightly tapped me on the shoulder and softly asked me what I thinking about. I smiled and related the horseback riding scene with Jennifer. Miko just smiled and slowly shook her head.

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