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Chapter 55

After about 20 minutes, I looked over at the clock and it said that it was only 8:30 p.m. and I still had three bondage positions to go. I laid on the bed thinking of the next scene that was outlined on the sheet I had given to Miko. It was one of Jennifer's favorites, the straightjacket and hood. The thought of all that leather got me going again and making me very wet.

I got up from the bed and walked over to snack on some cheese and sip some water. I must have lost some my shyness, as I didn't even put the kimono on this time. I stayed nude until the next scene. This didn't seem to faze Miko at all.

I discussed with Miko that last scene and my thoughts. I told her that near the end when I couldn't see her and I was getting tired, I was starting to worry that she had left and was leaving me to hang. I smiled. Miko assured me that she would never do that and was watching me from the other side of the room wondering what was going through my mind. It's funny what goes through a person's mind when in that position. I half laughed and told her that maybe I'd let her try a position or two. Miko nodded and just smiled behind those beautiful brown eyes. I'll just tie and be a photographer she told me, for now.

Miko picked up my list and we discussed the next scene. This one was not that stringent but was mostly an isolation type bondage. It also served to surround me in leather, a thought that sent a shiver down my naked spine.

I downed my last bit of water and walked over to where my clothes were. I picked up my thigh-high boots, sat on the bed and pulled them on. The leather felt very tight and natural as I pulled them up to my crotch. The six inch heels made walking more difficult but I had many years to practice. The straightjacket was next. One of my favorite toys.

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