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Chapter 54

All I could do was hang there. I tried to lower my head, but it only served to pull the crotch rope tighter. Movement was very restricted. With each try at moving, the clamps attached to my pussy lips would start to swing, pulling them back and forth causing the bite to increase. What bondage. I just there hung in defeat. I gave up to the bondage, don't I always? Miko wasn't done yet. I now got my wish for a little play as she placed a wooden clothespin on each hardened nipple. More moaning escaped my lips.

Miko had picked up her camera again and started to shoot more photos. Close-ups on the crotch rope and clamps on the pussy lips were first on the list, followed by the head bondage. Following the still shots, she again filmed about five minutes of video. Finally she was done. I had only been hanging about 15 minutes but it seemed longer. My arms were asleep and the clamps on my pussy lips were throbbing not to mention the clothespins on my nipples. The ball gag seemed to be growing as I moved my head and I was still drooling all over myself. Humiliation was also apart of the bondage fun. I was ready to be let down. Now where was Miko? I moaned into my gag, no response from her. Did she leave the room? I tried to shift my weight but again it only served to pull the crotch rope tighter against my clit and caused the clamps to again start to swing. I closed my eyes and waited, totally surrendered to my bondage. Next time, I would have to consider a blindfold to increase the sensory deprivation.

Suddenly I felt a cool soft hand on my ass. It was Miko. She was there. I heard her move the stool over next to me. She then told me that she was about the take the clamps off my labia. I moaned. I knew what was coming. She asked if I were ready. I moaned yes. Miko slowly unclamped the first clamp. The blood returned, and so did the familiar sharp pain, the same that happens in the nipples. It quickly died down to a dull roar. The other one was next. I held my breath. When they were off, Miko gently massaged the two small indentations left behind until the blood fully returned to the area. The tingling never seemed to stop. She then picked up a knife and cut the two ropes tied to my big toes. I was now able to once again bring my legs together. Miko walked around me and untied the rope attached to my pony tail. The tension on the crotch rope lessened. She moved the stool under my feet and helped me to lift myself up. I then stood on the stool as she pulled the second stool next to me. Miko climbed up and unlocked the locks that attached me suspension cuffs to the ceiling. I looked at her over my ball gag with much relief. Miko smiled.

She helped down off the ladder, then unbuckled and loosened the ball gag. It came out with a pop! Again she wiped my chin of drool. Finally she unlocked the cuffs and I could remove the bondage mittens. I reached up and slowly removed the clothespins from my nipples, rolling my eyes as the blood returned. I rubbed my arms as Miko untied the crotch rope and let it fall to the floor. As I stood there, she knelt and untied the small rope still wrapped around my big toes. I was free. I fell on the bed exhausted. That was some bondage position and hard work to boot. Miko quietly picked up the restraints and returned then to the suitcase for later use. Miko then gently lifted each arm and removed my leather gloves. I opened my eyes and smiled. I needed a small rest. My arms were still a little weak and my pussy lips were sore from the clamps. I reached up and lightly caressed my nipples, they were sore also. I would have to remember to use those pussy clamps on Jennifer next time we were together. Miko smiled and said it was Jennifer's idea to have her try them on me. Pay backs would be hell upon Jennifer's return.

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