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Chapter 53

Here I was suspended by my wrists from the ceiling of a suite in a large hotel. I was gagged tightly with a large red ball gag, nude except for gloves. I was being photographed by a beautiful Japanese photographer who controlled the keys to my freedom. WOW! What a place to be in.

Following the still shots, several minutes of video were shot to document the position. I moaned into the gag and tried to scream, giving some realism to the video. Miko looked from behind the video camera and asked if I were all right. I nodded yes and started to laugh. Miko laughed also and said that I was having too much fun and that she need to enhance my bondage. What could I do except agree, since I wasn't going to stop her?

She set the camera down and walked over to my pile of restraints and picked up a short rope. She walked over behind me and tied the rope tightly around my waist. She then pulled the remaining length of rope down between my spread legs. With her soft fingers, she carefully spread by labia apart and drew the rope tightly between them, placing it right on top of my clit, I closed my eyes. She then took the rope from between crotch and tied several knots in the front. She then pulled the rope back through my pussy lips with the knots now strategically centered on all the sensitive places. Miko then brought the end of the rope up and tied it off to the waist rope in front, pulling it tight forcing the rope deeper between my pussy lips. I caught my breath. This was a very tight crotch rope.

Miko stepped back and smiled. Something was still missing she said and walked over to look through my bag for other toys. She picked up two metal nipple clamps that had a six-inch spring attached to the ends. Small fishing weights were connected to the springs. I watched her closely. I had hoped some nipple play would happen, but I didn't write that into this script for some reason. I figured that the suspension would be enough erotic torment.

Miko also picked up another small rope and walked over and pulled the stool up behind me. I wasn't sure what was she doing. I felt her tie one end of the rope to the back of the crotch rope. Then I heard her step on the stool. Miko then begin to braid my hair, which was now at the mid-back length, into a long pony tail. I knew what was coming. Finally, she tied the other end of the rope to the pony tail and gently pulled the rope tight. As she did this she gently pulled my head back until I was looking almost straight up at my bound hands. The rope was tied off in several knots. Any movement by my head only served to pull the crotch rope tighter. What a way to be tied?

As Miko stood behind me, I felt her run her fingernails lightly up my rib cages. I struggled, but to no avail. Her fingers continued up until the were on either side of my breasts. She slowly then reached around and gently cupped each breasts, as if she was determining their weight. Her index fingers gently teased each nipple. Miko leaned over and whispered that Jennifer had told her that she really loved my breasts. Miko could see why. I just moaned into my gag. As quick as the caressing started, it stopped and I could hear Miko climbing down off the stool.

Miko moved the stool out of the way and walked around in front of me. She just stood there and admired me. She then proceeded to gently pull my labia apart and attached a nipple clamp to each pussy lip, one on both sides of the crotch rope. I was surprised. I hadn't ever tried this before and the feeling was a weird sensation. Miko stepped back and commented that this should hold me for while. She was right. All I could do was moan into the gag. She walked away from me but not without giving me a sharp slap on the butt. I jerked in surprise, but to no avail. I wasn't going anywhere.

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