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Chapter 52

When I returned, Miko had set out a plate of cheese and fruit to snack on. I was hungrier than I had thought. Bondage can sure drive a woman to eat. We sat and snacked for several minutes, talking about the Miko's work, the fashion industry, and other small talk. I wanted real badly to ask Miko lots of questions about her rings. It got the best of me, so I asked her. Miko smiled and told me how she got the rings, who did the piercings, and how much they hurt when she got them. I did manage to ask her if she were pierced in other places as well. Miko again smiled and stood up and pulled her blouse out of her skirt and lifted it up for me to see the silver ring in her naval. She also pulled her suede skirt up showing off her beautiful black garter belt and panties. She then lowered her black satin panties down to expose a nicely trimmed bush of pubic hair. She was beautiful. There were two silver rings, one each inserted her through each of her labia. I was fascinated. They were stunning and were in sharp contrast to the white skin and black pubic hair. They were heavy rings and Miko told me that once the piercings had healed, they could be played with during sexual activity without having to worrying about tearing. Miko demonstrated by gently pulling on the rings. Just thinking about the possibility of using the rings in bondage was getting me very excited. I would have to do more investigation into this piercing idea. Miko pulled her panties back up and straightened her clothes. She then sat back down and finished her wine. We continued to chat about different aspects of bondage and of course her piercings.

Finally we went over the next scene in some detail. I had wanted to do the whole scene nude, but Miko suggested that I might want to wear my long black kid leather gloves. She stated the contrast would look great in the photos and on the video tape, and the gloves would also serve to provide better protection for my wrists. That's exactly why I like the gloves myself. I quickly agreed and went to retrieve the gloves.

As I put the plate of food away, Miko was setting up two small step stools in the center of the room. She then placed a large hook in the ceiling in a hole that had been pre-drilled before I arrived. I had wondered when that had been accomplished. Evidently this room had been used before. I had to remember to ask Jennifer about the hotel suite when she returned. Miko then attached hooks to the floor under the ceiling hook. These were special hooks that grabbed on to the carpet and as long as tension was applied, they would stay hooked. She then set about rearranging her camera lights for this scene.

I was now rested and ready to begin. I pulled the gloves on, smoothing them above the elbow. Miko walked over to me holding my special suspension bondage mittens and a red ball gag. These cuffs were designed to allow the wrist to hang naturally and spread the weight evenly over the whole wrist, and since they were a mitten style glove, my hands and fingers would be encased in a leather pouch and would thus be useless to me. Attached to each cuff was a long (8"), thick leather strap that ended in a two-inch thick metal ring.

I held out my left wrist and Miko proceeded to pull the mitten on and strap the keeper strap tightly about my wrist. A small padlock ensured that it wasn't coming off. The right wrist was secured in the same manner. I was already very helpless. Yes, I could still walk around and talk but the mittens prevented me from opening anything like a door or picking up something like a key.

I turned around and Miko held the ball gag to my lips. She softly inserted the ball until it was resting comfortably behind my teeth. I leaned my head forward and she buckled the gag tightly under my hair. It wasn't coming off. She checked the tightness of the ball and lightly caressed my gagged lips. With the mittens on, I couldn't unbuckle the gag and the size of the ball combined with the tightness of the black strap prevented me from spitting it out.

I followed Miko over to the step stools and carefully climbed up to the top. I held onto Miko's shoulder as I climbed up. Miko, climbed up on the other step stool and locked each ring, attached to my cuffs, to the hook using a large padlock. Again the keys were on a chain hanging around her neck. Miko climbed back down and moved her stool aside. She picked up two six-foot lengths of small diameter soft cotton rope and tied one end of each rope to each of my big toes. Miko gently tickled my feet as she did this. I smiled behind my gag.

Miko walked around in front of me and checked to see if I were ready for the next step. I nodded yes. She told me to lift up on the straps and take my body weight off the stool. I did so and Miko quickly removed the stool. I slowly let myself down. I was past the point of no return. I hung there with my feet about six inches off the floor.

Miko then pulled one of the ropes attached to my big toes and threaded its end through the hook in the floor. She pulled carefully causing me to spread my leg out wide. She then tied the rope off. She repeated the operation with the other leg. I was now suspended and spread open. Helpless, yes, excited, you bet.

Miko stepped back and surveyed her work. She asked me to struggle, watched for a moment, then stepped forward to tighten the ropes attached to my toes. I was now pretty strung out. I couldn't raise up and I couldn't reach the lock, not that I could open it anyway with the mittens locked on, besides all that I was now drooling around the ball gag, and it was dripping on my breasts. Such humiliation, I loved it. Miko noticed, smiled and told me that the drool and the wetness of the skin would look good in the photos. She turned to pick up her camera and commenced shooting more pictures. She walked all around me taking photos from all angles. Miko even laid on the floor below me and shot a few photos looking straight up between my legs. She told me to try to look down into the camera. She told me that she could get my crotch, and breasts, and my gagged face in the shot. I could hardly wait for the photos to get done, but I still had to concentrate on the problem at hand, total helplessness, spread wide open and lots of tension in my arms and wrists.

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