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Chapter 51

In the mirror, I saw a brightly-clad latex-covered girl stretched out on the bed, with a white crotch rope, black gag, and white vibrator sitting just above my crotch. Very little skin was showing, just the inch or so above my stockings, and the area around my nose and eyes. I was the picture of sheer helplessness. I moved against my bonds in hopes of shifting the vibrator to a different location. No luck. Miko was very good at her bondage and she was also good at the art of teasing. All I could do was sit and continue to stew. The orgasm was starting to build. As the orgasm built, so did the body heat. Latex feels wonderful but it contains the heat. I could feel myself sweating and little beads of sweat were forming on my brow.

After several minutes, Miko walked over to the foot of the bed with a tripod and the VCR camera mounted on top. The camera was tilted so that I filled the viewfinder. She started the tape rolling and the walked over to the side of the bed and reached for the vibrator. She quickly shifted the speed to fast. Orgasm was now on its way. I was lost in sexual bliss, I could tell I was very wet and the ropes leading to my crotch were adding to the feeling of restraint and fullness. Miko quietly walked into the other room. I was oblivious to her presence.

After several minutes, I raised my head and looked into the cameras. I wanted to show Jennifer that I was enjoying myself. Suddenly, my eyes rolled back into my head and one of biggest orgasms I've ever had in while hit me. My head was spinning. I was bucking but going nowhere. The movement pulled on the nipple chain and thus my nipples, but that only served to enhance the feeling of erotic discomfort. It was like heaven and hell.

When I finally calmed down, and opened my eyes, Miko was smiling at me over her cigarette and drink. She told me she counted four orgasms from just the sound. I nodded weakly. At least four I thought.

She put the glass down and asked if I were ready to be set free and ready for a rest. Again I nodded weakly. She first turned off and removed the vibrator. It felt strange not to have the constant vibration between my legs. Then she untied the rope attached to my nipple chain removing the tension but leaving the nipple clamps attached. She reached up and opened the pump value and deflated the bulb filling my mouth. She reached around behind me and removed the latex gag; the bulb was a sodden mess. Miko carefully wiped away all the drool that had built up on the outside of my face under the latex gag.

She then quickly walked around and released all the ropes from the corners of the bed. I was now free. Miko pulled the keys off a long neck chain she had placed around her neck, and proceeded to unlock and remove all the cuffs. I got up from the bed slowly. My knees were a little weak. I stretched to relieve the tension in my joints. Miko walked up behind me untied the knots to the crotch rope and allowed me to take the rest off by myself. All this time the nipple clamps were still attached to my nipples and the chain was hanging down between them. I then reached up and slowly removed the nipple clamps, gritting my teeth as the blood again flowed back in.

As I stood there slowly rubbing my nipples back to life with my gloved fingers, Miko unlocked the small lock holding the zipper and collar in place. She then unzipped the leotard. I carefully removed the hood setting it aside. The gloves were next, followed by the thigh-high stockings. Finally the leotard was slowly removed. The two plugs made sucking sounds as I removed them. I blushed. Miko was working on her camera and didn't seem to notice. No question about it, though, I was wet.

I turn all the latex inside out to allow it to dry. Tomorrow I would have more time to properly clean the material. These latex items were very expensive and needed good care to make them last.

Completed with the disrobing, I was standing nude next to the bed. Miko walked over and handed me the kimono and a glass of water. I headed to the bathroom to freshen up. My thoughts were already thinking about the next scene on the list, a nude suspension, but my mind also kept returning to those beautiful silver nipple rings I had seen in Miko's nipples.

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