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Chapter 50

Miko got up from the bed and again turned on her floodlights and energized her strobes. She begin to take a whole roll of film, shooting from a variety of angles. She coached me several times in how to hold myself, trying to convey that feeling of sheer helplessness, which wasn't hard given my position.

After the still photos, she then picked up the video camera and again filmed a very helpless woman dressed in red latex. She stopped, put the camera down, then walked over to where my bondage restraints were lying. She picked up a few items but I couldn't see what they were due to the position I was tied in.

When she walked around to the side of bed, I could see that she was carrying my vibrator, and a set of metal nipple clamps that were connected by a small chain. She was also smiling, yes, this was on my list to be done. She pushed the vibrator under the rope leading from my waist to my crotch right on top of my pubic bone. The vibrator was placed at a ninety angle to the ropes and about four inches up from my crotch. It was obvious that when the vibrator was turned on the ropes would transfer the vibrations to the plugs. I could hardly wait.

Miko picked up one of the rubber tipped nipple clamps and played with them before my eye. She told me she had always wondered what these felt like. She tried one on her finger then asked me if I wouldn't mind if she tried one on her nipples. I just nodded my head in the yes direction. I could not say no, could I? Miko put the clamps down in her lap and I watch in fascination as she slowly unbuttoned her blouse and pulled it off her shoulders. She was wearing a skin-tone colored half bra that hooked in front. She unhooked the bra and pulled the cups to either side. Her breasts were beautiful, full, and firm. Her nipples seemed to stand out like erasers. However, what caught my eye were the silver nipple rings pierced just behind each nipple. Miko saw the look and pulled on each ring gently said that she got them pierced while she was in Europe last year. It was the "going thing" to do. She also said that her nipples had become more sensitive after they were pierced. I was intrigued. I wondered if anything else was pierced, but Miko didn't elaborate. I had always enjoyed nipple play and had seen the many photos of women with different body parts that were pierced but this was the first time I had seen them up close, on a real person. I had always thought that they would be a great bondage anchor device, almost better then nipple clamps.

Miko picked up the nipple clamps and gently pinched and caressed her nipples until they were standing straight out. She then carefully attached a clamp to each nipple. I heard her suck in her breath as the clamps took hold. When both clamps were on, she gently pulled on the connecting chain to see what pulling felt like. She turned to me and smiled. She could see why I liked to use the clamps so much. They did keep my mind on my breasts. She let go of the chain and quickly removed the clamps. They weren't on long enough to get that second rush as the blood flowed back into each nipple. She then proceeded to lightly caress and squeeze my left nipple waiting for it to become hard. It didn't take long since they were already very sensitive due to being squeezed out the latex cups. I closed my eyes. No other female other than Jennifer had ever touched me in this way. My excitement grew with each caress. When the nipple was very hard, she quickly attached the clamp. I, too, quickly sucked in my breath. The right nipple followed, but this time she took her time with the caressing. I opened my eyes and looked at Miko. She was smiling at me while she was doing it. Kind of pleasure in one and an erotic pain in the other. My brain was receiving mixed signals. It stopped suddenly when she attached the clamp to my right nipple. Miko then picked up the connecting chain and gave them a quick pull to check to see if the clamps were secure. They were.

Miko pulled a small rope from her pocket and tied one end to the middle of the connecting chain. She then tied the other end over my head to the bed's headboard. She pulled the rope taught until I was arching my back to keep the tension on my nipples to a minimum. She tied the rope off. With my arms and legs pulled to the four corners and now my nipples tied to the head board, very little movement was allowed. Only my head could move from side to side and lift up slightly. With each movement of the head though, the inflator bulb would flop side to side, only this time it would come in contact with the nipple chain and send small shock wave though my breasts.

Miko sat next to me on the bed and again slowly tickled my underarms. I tried to squirm but this only caused me to pull harder on my nipples and the clamps weren't coming off. She lightly drew her fingers across my face tickling my nose then she reached down and quickly turned on the vibrator, high at first. I jumped with surprise. The feeling was wonderful. With the bondage, nipple clamps, plugs, and now the vibrator, I was working my way up to a super orgasm.

Miko sensed this and shifted the speed of the vibrator back to low. I moaned. Just enough to tease but not enough to push me over the edge, at least not yet. Miko got up from the bed, and again took several more photos followed by several minutes of video. She left me to stare up at the mirror in the ceiling and stew in my own heated passion.

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