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Chapter 49

She started with the rope attached to the gag. This relieved a lot of tension. She then removed the gag. My lower face was a mess from all the drool. I had even left a puddle on the table. Got to love that ball gag. The blindfold was next, followed by the rest of the ropes. I laid on the table for a few minutes getting my breath back. I then sat up and rubbed the feeling back into my arms and wrists. I watched as Miko changed the film in her camera. I told her that the hogtie that she just completed on me was one of the tightest I had ever been in. Even Jennifer didn't do it that tight. I did tell her that I really enjoyed it though.

Miko handed me a small glass of chilled wine when she had finished with her cameras. I was already deep in thought about my next tie-up. Miko picked up the list and read through the next position. Next on the list was a tight spreadeagle, dressed in red latex lingerie.

When the wine was finished, I quickly undressed, removing the girdle and long line bra, followed by the stockings and gloves. A quick trip to the bathroom to relieve those important bodily functions and I was ready to go. I then picked up a can of talcum powder and dusted my legs, arms and stomach. The rope marks from the last bondage position were still plainly visible and would probably be for several hours. I figured by the time this evening was complete, rope marks would be permanently scarred over my body. Miko was nice enough to help me powder my back. Her hands were soft and she had a sincere touch to them.

I first pulled on my pair of red thigh-high latex stockings. I sat on the bed and carefully rolled the latex up in my hands until I was able to place my foot in the bootie. I then slowly rolled the stocking up my leg until it stopped at my crotch. The other was leg was next. I smoothed the stockings until no wrinkles could be seen. Nice and shiny red from toe to crotch.

Next came the red latex leotard top. It was a one piece panty and top combination. The briefs had two soft latex plugs that would fit nicely in my most private parts. I picked up a tube of lubricating jell and quickly lubricated the two plugs. I then careful stepped into the top, and pulled it up over my breasts. I had to work the plugs into the correct position but since I had used adequate lubrication, and was still excited from the day's events, inserting them was not a problem. I was so caught up in my task at hand that I forget that Miko was sitting near by. I looked up to see her smile behind a cloud of smoke. She said nothing, but instead clicked her camera, capturing me with my legs spread, bending over inserting the butt plug. I blushed, but continued.

When the plugs were in place, I pulled the top all the way up and inserted my arms into the short sleeves. I adjusted the leotard to ensure no wrinkles were present and that my breasts were correctly placed in the molded cups. My nipples were sticking through the hole in the latex cups and were protruding from my chest. The leotard zipped up the back and I walked over Miko and asked her if she would do the honors. She put her wine glass down, happy to oblige.

I stood with my arms at my side as she slowly zipped the latex outfit shut. When she reached the back of my neck with the zipper, she noticed that the zipper ended in the middle of a hasp lock. She asked if I intended to lock the outfit on. I smiled and handed her the small lock over my shoulder but told her to hang on to the lock for a moment. Miko accepted the lock and waited for the next step. The next piece to the outfit was a red latex hood and a thick two inch rubber collar attached to the front of the hood. The hood was open faced but covered from just below my lips to just about my eyebrows. I pulled my hair into a pony tail and then pulled on the hood. My ponytail was inserted into the special hole at the top of the hood. When my face was in the correct position, I brought the two ends of the collar around to the back of my neck and asked Miko to place the ends over the hasp ring. I asked her then to now thread the zipper through the hasp ring and then lock the whole thing in place. Miko was happy to oblige. The only way the latex outfit, except for the stockings, would now come off was to cut it. Miko was impressed.

I picked up the last piece of latex gear that was going to be worn. That was a pair of long, shoulder length red latex gloves. I carefully powered my arms and inserted my fingers and arms into the gloves, rolling the latex up to my armpits covering the ends of the short sleeve leotard.

The outfit was complete. The latex hugged my skin like a glove. The feeling of restriction as I breathed in was wonderful. The plugs were constantly moving in and out with each movement and my nipples were getting hard from being forced out through the small opening in the molded latex cups. All in all, this was almost a bondage by itself. I even told Miko that I had worn this outfit, minus the hood, under my dress clothes to work and that I didn't take the key with me. I laughed and also told her that I almost had to cut it off as I forget that I couldn't use the bathroom in this outfit and that I had drank coffee all morning in meetings and had to go to the bathroom really badly by the early afternoon. I was able to leave work early and take care of the problem. Miko and I just laughed.

Now for the bondage. I walked over the bed and Miko was already standing next to it with the leather restraints in hand. I held out my right wrist and she buckled the three inch wrist cuff tightly about the wrist. The left wrist was next. She then knelt at my feet and did the same with each ankle. Each cuff had a twelve inch long leather strap attached to the outside. At the end of the strap was a large O-ring to which chains or rope could be tied as well. Besides the strap, each cuff had a hasp lock riveted to the thick leather. Miko attached a small lock to each cuff. Removal was now prevented. I should say that Miko held the keys to all these locks.

Miko picked up a long white rope and asked me to turn around. She then begin to coil the rope tightly around my waist several times then knotted the rope in the front. She then pulled the remaining lengths down between my legs and over the plugs. The rope continued up and was looped to the waist coil in the back. She repeated this a few times ensuring that each pass was ridding against the plugs. The plugs were now deeply imbedded in my cunt and ass, instilling a sense of fullness. I now wished that I had installed the vibrating ones. Oh well, maybe next time. The white rope struck a sharp contract to the red latex.

Miko picked up the latex pump gag, slightly inflating the bulb to ensure it worked then had me sit on the edge of the bed. Once again the butt plug reminded me of its place in life. She slowly offered the bulb to me. I smiled at her then opened my mouth to accept the latex present. Miko then drew the wide latex straps tightly about my head and velcroed then together. Velcro worked better here so I wouldn't have to lie on a large buckle. The inflator bulb was attached to the bulb by an eight-inch rubber tube.

When the gag was on, Miko told me to stand, then proceeded to place two large pillows in the center of the king-size bed. She then nodded and I climbed on the bed and laid on my back across the pillows. I laid in such away that the pillows were in the small of my back. This had to affect of lifting my crotch off the bed. Miko then picked up a long rope and attached one end to the O-ring in my left ankle cuff. She slowly pulled my left leg toward the lower left corner of the bed and tied it off. The process was repeated with my right leg. My legs were now spread very wide. A rope was then attached to both ankles trying to pull them together thus preventing any movement in my legs.

I was beginning to feel that feeling of both helplessness and vulnerability again. With my rear end lifted off the bed the way that it was and my legs spread wide and secured, access to my crotch and the plugs was made very easy. I would have been the perfect target for the probing hands of Jennifer, had she been here. With the slight arch in my back, my nipples were standing straight up and were of course hard as rocks.

Miko walked up to the headboard and tied another length of rope to my left wrist cuff's O-ring. This rope was then tied to the corner post. As Miko pulled the rope taught, my left arm was also pulled wide and above my head. The right wrist was next. Again a rope was tied between the wrists to anchor the wrists in place.

Miko stood back a moment to survey her work. I was laying on a dark blue sheet, dressed in red latex from head to toe, white rope bisected my legs at the crotch and black cuffs adorned each ankle and wrist. It was then I noticed the mirror installed above the bed. I was looking at a very helpless female, spreadeagled in red latex. My excitement was building.

Miko wasn't done yet. She walked around to each restraint and begin to slowly tighten each one. I had the feeling that I was being lifted off the bed as each rope was tightened. I tested my bonds, no movement.

When Miko was done, she sat next to my head and leaned over my face. It was such a beautiful smile. She asked if I was all right and ready for the gag to be inflated. I nodded yes. She grabbed the pump, carefully wrapping those long fingers with those red painted nails around the rubber pump. She slowly started to inflate the bulb that was secured tightly in my mouth. The feeling was exquisite. With each pump, I could feel my chance for calling for help being pulled away. The bulb quickly filled my mouth. Miko was watching me intently. I opened my eyes wide when I was nearing the limit of fullness. Miko stopped, then shut the valve on the pump. The air was now held in. Since the latex strap was strapped tightly around my head, and the bulb was fully inflated, I couldn't spit it out and it now formed a very effectively gag. As I turned my head side to side, the pump would flop back and forth, occasionally hitting my sensitive nipples. My eyes rolled.

Miko tested the rest of my bonds then lightly ran her fingers up the side of my rib cage, I laughed behind the gag and tried to squirm away. Yes, I was very ticklish. Miko continued up to my arm pits then now to my left nipple. She stopped just as she was about to brush across it. I moaned into my gag. Foiled again. Miko just winked at me and smiled. She knew who was in control of this situation.

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