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Chapter 48

My second position was going to be a tight hogtie on the coffee table. For this position, I looked through my clothes bag and removed a white spandex girdle with attached garters, black seamed stockings, a white long line bra and a pair of white elbow length nylon evening gloves. I enjoyed the restricted feeling the girdle and long line bra gives me. It really enhances the bondage when I where these foundations. Miko went about her work finishing setting up her cameras and repositioning her lights.

I sat on the bed and removed the thigh-high boots, setting them aside for later use. I first pulled on the high-waisted girdle. It was a tight fit. This was followed by the stockings that I carefully attached to the four bottom garters. The long line bra was next followed by the gloves. I then reached into my bag and removed my black patent pumps with 6" heels. This outfit was straight from a John Willie photo. Miko was ready to begin when I was finished dressing. She commented on my choice of outfits and mentioned that she had seen many John Willie albums and could see the similarities and that this outfit should make for some great photos.

I handed Miko several coils of white rope. We walked over to the coffee table and she had me sit on the corner. I placed my gloved wrists behind my back palm to palm. Miko proceeded to tie my wristS tightly together. She was good and knew what she was doing. The cinches were tight and the knots were placed well up my wrists, away from my probing fingers.

My elbows were next. Several coils were wrapped loosely around my arms several inches above my elbows. As Miko wrapped the cinches, she gently pulled my elbows together until they touched. The remaining length rope was wrapped under my left arm toward the front of my body, then up behind the neck and then down the front then back under my right arm. This rope was then tied off to the elbow cinch. The remaining rope then ran up to the rope that was running behind my neck. The neck rope was then pulled tight and the whole thing tied off above the elbows. This was a neat tie and the neck rope prevented any chance of the elbow cinch from slipping down, like it was really going to anyway but it was the thought that counted.

A long piece of rope was wrapped several times around my body, below my breasts then continued with several more wraps above the breasts. Miko used a small rope to cinch the ropes between my body and bound arms. She then cinched the ropes between my breasts thus preventing the rope from slipping and giving the nice effect of a tight breast bondage. I was impressed. However, she wasn't done yet. She had me stand as she wrapped a rope several times around my girdled waist. She then took a long rope and tied it to the waist rope in the back, brought the rope down through my legs carefully placing the rope in the most intimate places. Miko continued up and looped the rope over the waist loops in front and then proceeded to pull the rope again back through my crotch. This time she looped the rope through my bound wrists and pulled the rope back down and through my crotch. She pulled on the rope, slowly working all the slack out the lines. This caused my bound wrists to be pulled down toward my ass. She repeated this several times. Pulling my bound wrists up only served to pull the crotch rope tighter and deeper. I just rolled my eyes. When she was satisfied with the tightness of the crotch rope, she tied the long rope off in front and proceeded to wrap the remaining length around my body and bound wrists. After about six wraps, she cinched the coils tightly between my bound wrists and body.

This was about the tightest I had ever been tied. Jennifer was good but Miko really knew her stuff and I could see that I was in for a great night of restrictive bondage fun. She then continued with my ankles and knees. With three different ropes she tightly tied and cinched my ankles, below the knees, and the upper thighs. She stepped back to survey her handy work. She asked if I were all right, I nodded yes and told her I liked her handy work. Miko just nodded and we set about the next phase.

Miko helped me swing my body on to the coffee table then turn over on my stomach. Naturally, I wasn't able to move much at all. Miko then picked up another rope and again tied it to my elbow cinch. She then carefully raised my bound ankles and looped the rope over and through my feet and looped it around the ankle cinch. This rope was brought back to the elbow cinch and again looped around the cinch. Miko slowly pulled the rope taking out all the slack. As she did this, my ankles were drawn closer and closer to my bound wrists. Miko looped the remaining rope around my ankles and tightly knotted it on the outside of my legs, well out of reach of my fingers.

Miko walked over to my bag and pulled out my large red ball gag. She knelt down in front of me, brushed my hair away from my face, and slowly inserting the gag. When the ball was tightly lodged behind my teeth, she drew the thick black straps behind my neck and buckled it tightly under my hair. The red ball gag was in sharp contrast to the whitness of the ropes and the outfit. When this was done, she gently lifted my head and again asked if I were all right. I nodded that I was, but she wasn't done yet.

She picked up a another rope and proceeded to wrap several loops around the instep of my high heels. She cinched this tightly. This had the added effect of preventing me from removing my shoes. But that wasn't all she did with the rope. She took the free end of the rope and threaded it through the D-ring in the back of my gag. As she pulled on the rope tight, she placed her hand on my forehead and gently lifted my head back. When my head was pulled straight up, she tied the rope off. I was now quite arched and the gag was pulled deeply into my mouth. I instantly started to drool. It was very hard to swallow in this position and most of the drool just run out of my mouth. I wasn't going anywhere until Miko decided I had enough or she had enough photos.

Miko again checked all my bonds and then headed to her cameras. She turned on the flood lights and energized her strobes. She then proceeded to walk around my bound body taking photos of me from all sides. Under her direction she had me show fear, and discomfort in my eyes for several photos. She was very professional. I acted as best I could but acting wasn't really needed. This hogtie was tight and I was under a lot of discomfort and tension. All part of the game though.

When she was done with the still photos, she picked up the video camera and shot several minutes of me moaning and trying to escape my bonds. There was very little movement. I did almost fall over on my side and off the coffee table but was caught by Miko. She laughed. Suddenly she stopped moving around me and placed the camera down. She picked up a long white scarf and folded it into a three-inch wide roll. She walked over and proceeded to blindfold me. She told me that a blindfold adds something extra to the photos. Who was I to stop her? All light was gone and it was filled with loneliness and blackness. I then heard her again take a few more photos and probably a few more minutes of video.

Finally she was done, but she didn't walk over to me to untie me right away. I heard her walk to the wet bar, then light a cigarette and pour a glass of wine. She asked me if I were enjoying my birthday. Of course I was but all that came out was a grunt. Miko just laughed. Per my instructions I was to remain in the bondage for fifteen minutes after she was done with the photos. I didn't want to waste a good bondage just for the sake of getting a photo shoot done. Finally it was time for her to untie me. I was ready and becoming stiff. I loved it.

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