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Chapter 47

A beautifully stunning, Japanese women walked around in front of me holding the blindfold. She smiled and nodded. Yes this was Miko.

Miko was about 5'8" tall with beautiful brown eyes and long black hair pulled back with a blue tie. She was slender with beautiful legs and medium size breasts. She was obviously in great shape. She was wearing a beautiful long sleeve blue silk blouse, with a white scarf neatly tied about her neck. Her skirt was very short and made of black suede. I could see that she was also wearing black seamed stockings and a pair of black shiny patent leather knee high boots with flat heels. She had a beautiful face with just a hint of makeup except for the bright red lip gloss which stood in sharp contrast to her black hair and snow white complexion. Her fingers were long and her nail painted a shiny color of red.

She was beautiful and she was now looking at me sitting still tied very securely to this wooden chair. I was nude with only boots and gloves on. I quickly looked down at the vibrator and blushed. Miko walked over to me and gently lifted my head, and told me not worry, she'd seen this activity before and enjoyed what I was doing. Jennifer had filled her in on all the details. I relaxed. Apparently she was more than just a photographer. It was going to be a great evening.

Miko walked around me inspecting all my bonds asking me questions about how I could do all this by myself. I answered as best I could telling her that I had years of practice. She then asked if I ready to get untied and discuss the evening events. Of course I nodded that I was. She walked over and removed the key from the chain around my neck. I looked up into her face as her eyes stared down at my clamped nipples. She smiled. She then walked behind me and unlocked my wrists from the handcuffs. When my wrists were free, I reached up and slowly removed the clothespins from my nipples. I sucked my breath in. Taking them off was always harder. Miko continued to help me untie myself, commenting on all the detail that I had put into the tie-up. If she hadn't known better she would have thought someone had done this to me vice me doing it to myself. I again told her I had lots of practice. She nodded and said that she wanted to discuss the self-bondage issue further as the evening wore on. Jennifer had told her of my experiences. Again I blushed. Miko just smiled.

When I was free, I stood and stretched. Miko handed me a beautiful short kimono robe to wear to cover my nearly-nude body. It was a nice touch. I removed the gloves and laid them aside for later use. I still had the boots on. With the height of the heels, Miko and I were about even in height.

I went about the business of picking up all my bondage gear as Miko unpacked the rest of her photo equipment. We chatted about her work as a photographer and our mutual friend in Europe. Miko explained that she had met Jennifer about two years ago when she went for her interview for a new photographer opening. Jennifer saw the portfolio that Miko had brought with her and it included several photos of fetish type clothing and a hint of bondage. Miko was hired right away. It seems that Miko also started in Japan as a fashion model herself then turned to the other side of the camera when she grew tired of being bossed around. She appeared very independent and knew what she wanted. It also seemed that she and Jennifer have spent lots of time together on different shoots and somehow the subject of bondage came up. Miko had seen the different types of Oriental bondage styles and all the different bondage magazines and she was very intrigued. She started to try her hand at using some light restraints in some of her fashion shoots. Suddenly she was quite popular with a very secret crowd of people who were into bondage and wanted to see more of her work. She quickly expanded into a full bondage photographer on her own time and her work also included doing private and custom photo shoots. It was surprising to hear that most of the customers were women. With all this experience, it explained where Miko gained her knowledge from. But I now I wonder how she and Jennifer's interests in bondage fit into the puzzle. I wonder if Jennifer has ever been in front of her camera. I didn't ask. Hopefully it would come up in later discussions.

When my gear was put away, we sat together on the couch and shared a bottle of wine. Miko asked if I minded if she smoked while we talked. Certainly, I told her. Miko lit a long white cigarette and slowly blew a long stream toward the ceiling. Obviously she derived great pleasure from smoking, the way she would close her eyes when she inhaled, hold it, then let it out slowly. I quietly sipped my wine, watching her smoke. There was something very erotic about a women who smoked like that. Miko caught my glances and smiled. I returned to my wine. When Miko crossed her legs, I noticed that she was also wearing black garters. She was obviously a women after my own heart who loved lingerie for herself.

The subject finally turned to bondage and the night's events. We discussed the different bondage positions I wanted to try that evening. I handed her my detailed list that I had drawn up last night. She looked over each scene, asking a few knowledgeable questions about each. I told her that the list was mostly guidelines and that she could use whatever she wanted to enhance the bondage and the photographic quality. Miko smiled shyly. She told me that she would see what she could do to make it an interesting night.

We got up and walked over to where my bondage gear was laid out and I quickly went through the different restraints I wanted her to use. Miko only nodded. Interesting I thought to myself. A lot of the gear was specialized but Miko didn't ask how it was used. This simple fact again tended to back up bondage experience. She must have learned a lot over these last few years.

We also looked over my array of fetish clothing I had brought for the evening. She seemed to like the latex material quite a bit. She even took the material to her nose to smell the rich latex aroma. She again smiled. She commented on all the stuff I had and was very impressed with the whole lot. Apparently she has done lots of photo shoots where the fetish clothing was the main focus and so she had been exposed to a lot of different types of fashions. It was now time to begin the night's activities and starting with the second bondage position.

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