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Chapter 46

As usual, time started to slow down and I lost track of how long I'd had been tied up. Based on the music, I calculated about 15 minutes but had yet to sense any presence of any one else in the room. I slowly continued to move my body with the beat of the music rubbing my clit against the vibrator. Being on low speed was such a tease as it wasn't high to get me off but was more of a sexual nuisance.

As my body moved so did my bound breasts and of course the clothespins on my nipples. The pulling on the strings was a constant reminder of my helplessness. I tried moving my arms but the length of the rope attached the cuffs was too short to allow any movement at all. I wasn't able to reach around and remove the clothespins. This was one of my better self-bondage attempts.

Suddenly, I felt a presence by my side. I strained against my bonds trying to sense who or what was there. The movement only served to cause me to pull harder on my already sore nipples. The music stopped as did the vibrator. I moaned into my gag, cheated out of another orgasm again. I felt the small pieces of tape holding the ear phones against my ears being removed, nothing was said.

The person walked away and then the sound of a camera clicking could be heard. The sound was coming from a variety of directions as the person walked around the chair. Then nothing.

I felt a hand on the back of my neck unbuckling the top head strap of my gag. It was removed from my head thus freeing the blindfold. The blindfold came next. It was slowly removed. I squinted as the bright lights evaded my eyes. I was still gagged with the ball gag, but that was next to come off. When the gag was removed, it was placed in my lap and the tension in my nipples was lessened. I managed to say hi, you must be Miko.

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