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Chapter 45

As I sat there, I tested my restraints. I smiled behind the ball gag. Many years of experience pays off again. They were secure of course. I wouldn't have it any other way. I reached down and turned on the vibrator. I jumped as it started but was reminded to keep my head down by the pull on my nipples. Combine the tight bondage, with the nipple fun and now the vibrator, a warm glow started to take over my body starting between my booted legs. My mind also started to wonder. What was Miko like? Did I really want to be seen in this compromising position with a total stranger, let along be photographed? Where did Miko get her bondage vocabulary from? She seemed very knowledgeable when we talked on the phone and she showed no shyness as we spoke of vibrators, ball gags and nipple clips? I was dying to ask those and many other questions.

Finally the phone rang twice, then it rang once. That was the signal we worked out to ensure it was Miko calling and that she was on her way up. She'd be here in ten minutes. I picked up the roll of tape and tore off two small strips. I fastened each over my left and right ear thus holding the earphones in place. I tested the duct tape and was confident that any shaking I did would not dislodge the earphones, and since my head was being held in position by the strings attached to my nipples, I wasn't going to do much shaking.

I reached down in my lap and pulled the leather gloves on each arm, carefully smoothing the kid leather all the up to near my armpits. I was now at the decisive moment. I took a deep breath, and gently pulled on my clothespins attached to my nipples by lifting my head; yes, this was what I wanted. I turned on the CD player and waited for the music to start. It blocked all incoming noise and isolated me from my surroundings. I quickly reached around behind me and removed the handcuffs from the tape attached to the back of the chair. I locked the first cuff on my left wrist. I waited for the excitement to build, more lifting of the head. I then lifted my right hand up and gave the camera a little wave, a nice touch for my beautiful friend whose details I was trying to follow to the letter. I quickly brought my right arm behind the chair locked on the other cuff. I was done and all alone, bound and gagged by my own hand waiting for some one I had never met before to release me.

I always enjoy this type of sensory deprivation. My movements were restricted to very small turns against the ropes. All speech was blocked. My hearing was impaired to just music and my sight was nothing but blackness. All I had left was feel and that was muted by the leather boots and long leather gloves. My feet were off the ground and I couldn't feel the coldness of the steel cuffs that I knew were not coming off with the key. Oh yes, I forgot to say that I had placed the key on a gold chain that was now hanging around my neck. Miko would need it to unlock the handcuffs, if she chose to do so.

All in all, there were plenty of emotions to keep me company. The vibrator was doing its job, slowly keeping me on the sexual build up, the clothespins on my nipples kept reminding me how helpless I was and the vulnerability I felt with my legs and knees spread wide only made my excitement grow with each passing minute. The feeling was marvelous. Jennifer and I had played these games often and the wonderful part was that after only a few minutes, minutes started to turn into hours, time seemed to stand still. Had it not been for the instrumental music playing in my ears, time would have went away. I do have a tape of nothing but static or white noise that can really make a woman humble and alone. It's those adventures I enjoy most because only the sense of feel and smell is left uninhibited. In fact, those get greatly enhanced. My body really becomes very sensitive and it doesn't take much caressing to send me over the edge.

This initial self-bondage fun was Jennifer's idea as she knew how much I enjoyed tying myself up. In addition, Jennifer wanted Miko to capture that first moment of bondage discovery on both video and print film to see how well I had followed her instructions and to watch the tight bondage. I could just see Jennifer sitting on the couch in Paris, dressed in lingerie watching this video, slowly smoking a cigarette and caressing herself. I wonder what thoughts would be going through her mind?

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