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Chapter 43

Saturday was again a busy day, getting things ready, packing up my clothes, and assembling all my bondage restraints. In all, it took three suitcases to pull it all together. I never realized all the different types of gags I had gathered over the years, not to mention all the rope, straps, different kinds of tape, and a number of sets of handcuffs. My collection of fetish clothing was also very large but I decided to take only a few things. I packed my corset, leather skirt, some lingerie, a set of white girdles and long line bras, my collection of latex outfits including stockings, panties, leotard, a maid's outfit, and some long latex gloves. I also packed my highest heeled black pumps and a couple of pair of boots, both knee and thigh-high. At 4:30 p.m. I headed out to the hotel.

Following Miko's instructions, I wore only my set of black thigh-high boots, a pair of black over-the-elbow length leather gloves and of course the black chastity belt and panties. All this was covered up by my long black leather coat. Nothing else was worn. The leather was cool to the touch and since my coat didn't button up and only used a leather sash to hold the coat shut, my breasts were hanging free. I would have to be careful when I checked in at the hotel.

When I arrived, I checked in with little incident. I did raise a few eyebrows and got lots of stares, but other than that, it was uneventful. While checking in, I was given a pick envelop with my name on it. A bellhop helped me carry my bags up to the room, but I stopped him at the door and told him that I would continue from here. A sizable tip ensure his compliance.

The suite was fantastic, and it appeared that Miko had already been there setting up her equipment. Dozens of lights and strobes, two cameras, and a video camera were setup and ready for use. My excitement was building. The suite was on the 13th floor and overlooked the ocean. There would be no one looking in from across the way.

There appeared to be an adjourning suite but the connecting door was locked. I shrugged and didn't think any more about it.

I removed my leather coat and walked about the suite dressed only in gloves, boots and chastity belt. I was nervous as this would be only the third person besides Jennifer and her co-worker Robin that has seen me nude and dealing with such things as bondage and dressing for pleasure.

I sat down on the bed and opened the envelope. There was a blue key and note inside from Miko. The note said to use the key to unlock and remove the chastity belt before I tied myself up. I took the key and unlocked the belt. I then removed the panties that I had now worn for the last 36 hours. My sexual aroma was very apparent. I placed the panties in a small plastic bag and placed them in my suitcase for later use.

I set about unpacking my things, setting the restraints carefully on the floor in the corner. Each restraint brought back many interesting times both with myself and when playing with Jennifer. As I pulled out the varied gags, from the suitcase, I couldn't stop myself from trying each one on, cherishing the feeling of losing my speech by my own hand. I think it's my oral fixation or something like that. Bondage is never complete without a tight mouth filling gag. Besides the ball gag (my favorite), there were the latex pump gag, strap gag, and my new ring gag, many of which would have their turn keeping me quiet tonight. I had also threw in a large roll of grey duct tape to top off the gags. Stuffing material, like wet panties, combined with lots of tape is a very effective gag and one I use often.

The ring gag was new and very exciting. It was a leather lined two-inch metal ring that had an attached strap and when it was lodged behind my teeth it held my mouth wide open but allowed continue access to my tongue. Jennifer liked this gag very much and would tease my tongue with a variety of objects, not to mention using her own wet tongue several times. Forced gag kissing was always an act that got us going. We bought two of them and when were both bound, the ring gags made for some very exciting gag kissing and tongue play. The last three pieces of bondage gear were my favorites.

My black leather discipline hood, with its two-inch locking collar, was first out of the bag followed by a black leather single glove and a shiny black leather straight jacket that I purchased last year. I had spent many hours in that straight jacket, hooded and hobbled. I think these were some of Jennifer's favorite pieces of bondage gear to use on me. I always enjoyed the warm embrace of the jacket, and the crotch strap was designed extra wide to ensure that any plugs used would stay firmly inserted. Many weekends, I ended up in one of these three restraints at the hands of Jennifer. I remember one weekend where I was buckled in the straightjacket from Friday night to Sunday night with the only time free was to pee and take a shower Sunday morning, with Jennifer of course, still bound in handcuffs. I had also modified the jacket slightly by installing little zippers over the nipple areas. When my leather covered arms were strapped in the arm sleeves and pulled behind me, instead of in front of me, the zippers could be opened and my nipples teased or erotically tormented at will. Anyway, enough of the past.

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