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Chapter 42

The week went by slowly. Finally Thursday, I received a call from a pleasant-sounding women of Japanese descent named Miko. She said that she was the photographer friend of Jennifer's. I blushed. Here was a women I had never met, calling to set up a bondage shoot with me as the model. Miko sounded very knowledgeable about the subject and we chatted for several minutes. I was very excited and of course did most of the talking, discussing my likes and dislikes. Miko just acknowledged my conversation.

I realized later that after I hung up, I really didn't know much about her or how she got into the scene. We did agree that since Saturday was my birthday, we would get together Saturday evening. She told me that Jennifer had arranged for Miko and I to use a very nice suite at a large local hotel. We agreed to meet at 6:00 p.m. and she told me to bring with me whatever I wanted to dress up in and all my bondage toys. She also told me to bring a list of positions that I thought I'd like to try. We would work out the rest of the details when we got together. This was going to be quite an evening. We said our goodbyes and hung up. I should mentioned that before Miko hung up, she told me that she would call Friday and tell me which hotel and the room number. She also mentioned that she had other instructions from Jennifer that she would pass on then. Jennifer was always thinking of ways to keep the games interesting. I went home that night so excited that I slept nude in just leather cuffs again, tape gag and a set of thumbcuffs locked on my big toes. The key was in a box on my front porch so I had to get up early to get the key before anyone else awoke.

Friday afternoon, Miko called back and gave me the name of the hotel and the room number. We agreed to meet at 6:00 p.m. She then detailed out a new set of instructions that I was to follow the next evening. Instructions that I was to carry out to the letter or the rest of my birthday present from Jennifer wouldn't happen. The instructions were quite detailed and I sat down in amazement at the things that I would go though just to get into to the room and start the photo shoot. Since I wanted this present very badly, (or maybe I just wanted to experience bondage at the hands of another women), I promised I'd do as told especially since self-bondage would be part of the fun. Saturday night should prove to be a birthday to remember.

Friday night, I sat at my computer and developed seven different tie ups that I thought I'd like to try and have photographed. These were positions in addition to the detailed instructions Jennifer had left for me getting to the room. As I detailed out each position, I was getting more and more excited. The leather chastity belt locked over my panties prevented me from playing with myself but it was causing my panties to get soaked, a thought I just smiled at. These panties would come in handy tomorrow. The chastity belt had been locked on since early this morning before work. Miko instructed me to use a lock with a blue dot on it. Jennifer had given Miko a set of out special keys before she left. I had left my spare blue key in the drawer of my desk at work. Being at home now, the chastity wasn't coming off until Miko decided to take it off.

Once I was finished on the computer, I set about gathering the necessary items of clothing that I wanted to be restrained in. Latex, leather, lingerie, heels, and boots were all placed in the suitcase. Of course just plain nudity had been added to the list and that needed no packing. That night I slept with just the chastity still locked on over the panties, getting me ready for Saturday evening.

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