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Chapter 41

I turned and made my way out of the airport and got to my car. I had to figure out a way to pay the parking toll without raising suspicion about my cuffed wrists. Luckily there was a toll booth set up to take exact change without getting a receipt and I was able to get through without raising any eyebrows.

I headed directly to my office to retrieve my set of keys so I could unlock my handcuffs and then also the chastity belt and remove the plugs. Luckily the office was empty and my keys were still where I left them in my desk. I quickly unlocked the cuffs and then unlocked the crotch strap. I slowly removed the two plugs, which were still very wet from all the excitement and teasing. It did however feel good to get the butt plug removed. The waist belt was then unbuckled and removed. I placed everything in a plastic bag that I had brought with me so I could take the belt and plugs home and clean them. No telling when they would be needed again.

I sat in my large leather chair and took a deep breath. The leather was very cool to my naked ass. Jennifer was now gone and I was alone for the next four months or so, only to share my bondage with myself. I quickly remembered the envelope that Jennifer had given me at the airport. I pulled it from my purse and read through it again. The thoughts of being bound and gagged by another women, other than Jennifer, and then photographed were racing through my mind. What was this photographer like? How did learn of our games? What would her bondage techniques be like? Where did she learn her techniques from? These questions would be on my mind for the next week. I only hoped I could wait until her call came. With all the thoughts of the modeling adventure and the stimulation from the earlier bondage fun, I caught myself slowly playing with my nipples again. This time I didn't stop it. A slow orgasm was starting to build. I sat back in my chair, spread my legs and quickly started to rub my wet pussy. More bondage games were going through my head, I rubbed harder. I exploded into a massive orgasm, my head went back hard against the seat, I was seeing stars. I thought I was in heaven. Two more smaller orgasm followed as I continued to play with myself thinking of the upcoming week.

After several minutes, I caught my breath, straightened my clothes out, picked up my restraints, and my coat. I had to go back and wipe the wet spot off the chair. I smiled and headed home. My knees were still weak from that last sexual adventure. That night I slept with my wrists strapped in front of me for the whole night. I even locked my big toes together. A soft latex blindfold completed the outfit. It was hard to sleep thinking about all the possibilities that could come out of the bondage model adventure.

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