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Chapter 40

We arrived shortly at the airport parking lot. I dropped Jennifer off with her bags, at the front entrance, and went to park my car. Before she got out of the car, she told me bring my leather jacket with me into the airport. I shrugged and nodded that I understood, maybe she was chilled due to the drive.

After I parked the car, I walked to the front of the airport where Jennifer was standing waiting for me. She was quietly smoking her last cigarette before the flight. She greeted me with a smile and we walked into the airport and down to the gate.

Since it was an international flight, I couldn't go with Jennifer through the security gate. We moved over to near the large picture windows to finish saying our good-byes. While we were talking, Jennifer passed me an envelope and told me that she hadn't forgot my birthday that was quickly approaching. I opened the envelope and discovered a name of one of her photographer friends that wasn't making the trip. Jennifer told me that as one of my birthday presents. She had arranged for me to have a private photo shoot where I was going to play the bondage model. This photographer was a close personal friend of Jennifer's and she was aware of the likes and dislikes of both her and I. I blushed, but I was also filled with excitement. I have always thought it would be fun to try to be a bondage model. After looking at all the bondage magazine and videos over the years, I always wondered what it would be like. Jennifer and I discussed many times our different fantasies and one of mine happened to be posing as a bondage model in front of a camera with a stranger doing the tying and photographing. Jennifer told me her friend would call me next week to arrange a time. Jennifer had made all the arrangements for the location.

Jennifer's first boarding call was being announced and we quickly hugged and said goodbye. Jennifer whispered in my ear to shut my eyes and hold my wrists up. I did so and was startled to feel her lock a set of handcuffs on each wrist. I opened my eyes with surprise. They had a blue dot on them meaning that I didn't carry the key with me. Normally, Jennifer had them and the other was at work with the key to my locked chastity belt. Jennifer took my leather coat and draped it over my cuffed hands. Now I knew the reason for bringing my coat in to the airport. Jennifer just smiled and leaned forward and kissed me softly on the lips. She'd call from Paris when she arrived later in the day.

I stood stunned with my cuffed hands in front of me covered by my leather jacket. I watched as Jennifer walked through the metal detectors and headed to her gate. She turned and waved bye and blew me a kiss. It was going to be a long four months. A tear wailed up in my eye, I raised my fingers to brush the tear away and was quickly reminded about the cuffs. I smiled and slowly shook my head. That Jennifer. I watched as Jennifer walked down the ramp. Her long black leather skirt forced her to take small steps and her very high heels only made matter worse. All this didn't faze her one bit. Everyone behind her just enjoyed the view as I was doing. Quickly, she was out of sight on the plane.

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