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Chapter 39

This game was more than I had expected. In fact, I was starting to get worried. I yelled into my gag but Jennifer only laughed. A last quick feel to my bound breasts and she was gone. I heard her close the front door, and my car start and back out. I heard the sound of the car fade away.

I was stuck. No telling how long it would take until the person Jennifer called would arrive and no telling what they might think when they found a partially nude woman tied in such a reveling and stringent bondage position. This was not part of the game or so I thought. I tried to struggle but once again all it served to do was move me closer to the edge of the chair. Also, all the movement only served to further stimulate and push the butt plug deeper into my sensitive rear end. My excitement was growing as was my fear of the unknown. All of the sudden, my blindfold was removed and there I was staring up into the smiling face of the lady who bound me. "Miss me?" she said. What a relief. She must have stopped the car down the drive and quickly walked back to watch me struggle. Another part of the game! Jennifer has told me countless of times that she has just sat back and watched me struggle in my bondage, many times while she played with herself. She enjoys being the voyeur, especially with me as the victim. Many times though, I am blindfolded and don't realize that she is watching me. It is very exciting.

Jennifer quickly released my feet from the overhead then unbuckled the strap holding my knees bound to my upper torso. Then she untied my ankles and knees. This was followed next by her untying my arms and elbows and removing the upper torso rope bondage. She retrieved the key and unlocked my handcuffs. I quickly removed the nipple clamps, gritting my teeth as the blood rushed back into the nipples bringing the nerves back to life. The ball gag was next. Jennifer just smiled and we embraced in a lingering kiss and warm hug. I pulled my blouse on and we then departed for the airport. Yes, I was still wearing the chastity belt and plugs and evidently I was to continue to wear them until I could get to work that afternoon after Jennifer's plane departed.

As we drove to the airport, Jennifer told me that she had thought about hogtying me in the trunk of the car for the short trip. She decided against it due to number of people who would be at the airport. Lucky for me, huh?

The rest of the ride was uneventful and we chatted about the last bondage game and her trip. Jennifer just sat back, relaxed and quietly smoked her cigarette. The whiteness of her cigarette was in sharp contrast to her thin black leather dress gloves she wore to complete her outfit of black leather and white silk. About half way to the airport, Jennifer reached over and took my hand. She told me she was going to miss being with me. I nodded, I was also. We held hands the rest of the way to airport. The gloves were cool to the touch.

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