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Chapter 38

With the last of her four suit cases packed, Jennifer approached me and said it was my turn to "get packed." She held up my black leather chastity belt with the two of my favorite plugs attached. She had borrowed the belt last week. I thought she was going to use it for herself, and apparently she did. She joked that the belt made for some interesting times last week at work. She was now returning it because she thought I might need it while she was gone. She was right of course as I use it all the time for my self-bondage fun.

She unbuckled the waist strap holding it open for me. I protested meekly, but Jennifer just smiled knowing me too well. I carefully stood up and she slowly raised my skirt. Jennifer did the honors and tightly buckled the waist strap snugly around my waist then carefully lubricated the two plugs. She had me bend over as she slowly caressed my butt with her long fingernails and lightly fingered my pussy. She was such a tease. This caressing combined with the tight bondage was starting to drive me wild. I didn't need an lubricate because I was already wet. Jennifer sensed this and quickly inserted the two plugs, drawing the crotch strap tightly through my legs and locking it to the waist belt in front. The lock Jennifer used had that special blue dot on it. As part of our games, Jennifer maintains the keys to these specially coded locks. I also had a key but it was currently at work in my desk drawer. This one key was my safety in case Jennifer couldn't get to me. As she locked the belt on, she pulled it extra tight and my face blushed with both excitement and humiliation. Jennifer just smiled and leaned down to kiss me as she snapped the lock shut. I really loved these moments together.

With my "packing" done, we sat and chatted for several minutes until it was time to leave for the airport. Jennifer sat back in her chair, crossed her long silken legs, and lit up another long white cigarette. She drew deeply, blowing the smoke toward the ceiling. The cigarette was in sharp contrast to the red nail polish. She looked sexy as hell and even more dominant while smoking. I could tell that she enjoyed just sitting there quietly watching me stew in my bondage. She quietly sipped another glass of wine.

Sitting for me was not easy with a rear end full of soft rubber. I was constantly shifting my butt around trying to find that more comfortable spot, there was none. Jennifer just sat and smiled at me though a smoky haze. She got up and retrieved two additional pieces of rope and went about tying my booted ankles tightly together followed shortly by my knees. Jennifer carefully cinched each rope tightly. She then finally removed the leather strap that I still wore from when she first strapped my knees together on the porch. She then slowly walked around me eyeing her handy work and lightly caressing my bare shoulders. When she was behind me, she reached around with her hands and gently cupped both bound breasts, pinching my aching nipples. I moaned and leaned my head next to hers.

She continued to roll each nipple between her fingers, gradually increasing the pressure. My excitement was building. Jennifer suddenly stopped and stood up. She grabbed my hair and pulled my head back. I stared up into those wonderfully blue eyes. She quickly kissed me driving her warm wet tongue deep into my hungry mouth. Then she pulled back and replaced her tongue with the red ball gag, buckling it tightly behind my neck. She walked around in front of me and kneeled at my bound knees. She reached up and quickly kissed me on the gag, then slipped her wet lips down to lightly kiss each nipple. I closed my eyes in excitement. The squeezing and kissing of the nipples were only a warm-up to the nipple clamps that Jennifer quickly applied. So much for the soft caressing. She gently pulled on the chain attached to the nipple clamps forcing me to follow her every move.

Jennifer let go of the chain and stood up. She told me to stay put and that she would put the suitcase in the car. I had no choice. As she started to walk out of the room, she stopped, return to me and quickly hooked the nipple chain to my bound knees, thus preventing me from standing. Having to keep my body bent forward to prevent pulling on my clamped nipples, caused me to put more weight on the butt plug that Jennifer had so carefully and teasingly inserted. I lowered my head in defeat. I watched as I started to drool on my knees.

I watched as Jennifer made two more trips back into the bedroom to retrieve her bags. Each time she walked in, she stopped to pat me in the head, tickle my nose, or tweak on the nipple chain. When she returned the third time, she was carrying the red bandanna that I had blindfolded myself with earlier on the porch. She quickly blindfolded me, tying the bandanna tightly over my eyes. She carefully checked for any sign of light leaking in, of course there was none. I continued to sit there and drool and stew in my much excited state.

I once again, was alone with my bondage. I listened carefully as Jennifer walked around the room ensuring that all items for her trip were in the car, my car to be exact.

I next heard Jennifer moving another chair over to where I was sitting. I heard her step up on the chair and heard what sounded like rope being pulled through a hook. It wasn't long until I found out the purpose of this additional rope.

Jennifer knelt at my booted and bound feet and quickly tied another rope around my ankles and under the heels. I then felt her wrap a long leather strap under my bound knees and around and behind my upper torso. She pulled this strap tight forcing my breasts close to my knees. Jennifer then carefully untied the nipple chain from my knee ropes thus releasing the tension on my nipples. Now what?

I felt my feet being pulled out from under me and gently pulled toward to the ceiling. This action put all my weight on the butt plug and forced the plug deeper into its warm hiding place, I moaned. Jennifer then tied the end of the rope off leaving me sitting on the chair with my legs over my head and my upper body connected to my knees. Needless to say, I wasn't going anywhere.

Jennifer slowly caressed the back of my thighs that were now fully exposed and gently pushed on the two plug inserted in my pussy and butt. I bit hard on my ball gag as the excitement started to build. Suddenly she stopped again leaving me sexually frustrated.

I heard her walk over and pick up my keys and then walk back to me. She whispered in my ear that she was leaving now to head to the airport. I was confused. I thought I was taking her. I struggled but that only served to move me closer to the edge of the chair and I realized that ending up in a suspension would greatly make things worse. Jennifer also whispered that she had called one of her male workers to check on the house after she had left to ensure the security alarm was set up correctly. They were to check the house carefully, including the inside, before setting the alarm. Of course, they would have to check the bedroom and who would they find but little old me all nicely bound and gag with my rear in showing. The only good thing was that the chastity belt was locked on and without the key, it wasn't coming off. WOW! Some game.

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