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Chapter 37

Jennifer was dressed in her black thigh-high stockings, black g-string panties, black push-up bra and topped off with a set of black five inch shiny black patent opera pumps. She was stunning to say the least. The contrast of her white skin, black lingerie, and her long black hair was sharp. A thin sliver ankle chain adorned her left ankle.

Jennifer laughed again and stepped forward and unbuckled and loosened the ball gag, gently wiping away the drool. She then kissed me deeply, followed by a warm and sensitive embrace, what a way to start the afternoon. I knew that I was really going to miss her now. She carefully removed the nipple clamps, setting them aside for later use. I sucked in my breath as she loosened the clamps. Jennifer gently rubbed each nipple with her long soft fingers. I stood there with my eyes closed. They rolled in response. Nothing else was removed. Obviously, I was to remain handcuffed and hobbled for a while longer.

We walked arm in arm slowly, due to my hobble strap, into her bedroom where Jennifer needed to finish dressing. I sat on the wooden chair that she had placed in the middle of the room and watched as Jennifer pulled on a sleek below-the-knee black leather hobble skirt, very expensive no doubt. When the skirt was on, she picked up a long piece of rope and walked behind me to begin my bondage ordeal. I watched anxiously over my shoulder as Jennifer looped the rope several times around my arms above my elbows, then reaching beneath my arms, she grabbed my left arm and pulled it toward the right, tightening the ropes as she went along. When my elbows were now touching, she then cinched the loops several times tightening the cords with each cinch. She then wound the last several feet back under my arms, around and up the front of my shoulders and knotted the two ends behind my neck. The excess was then looped down to the elbow tie thus preventing any possibility of the elbow ropes slipping down. My wrists remained handcuffed. Being flexible was a virtue and making my elbows touch always enhanced the feeling of helplessness. This position also had the added effect of causing my breasts to stand out. Even with my wrists uncuffed, with my elbows tied touching behind me, escape would have been impossible.

With the elbows done, Jennifer returned to her dressing and pulled on a beautiful white long sleeve silk blouse. She was beautiful and the outfit went perfectly with her long black hair. The combination of the leather skirt and silk top was a mixture made in heaven. There was just a hint of the black bra underneath the blouse and the material was thin enough to show the outline of her hardened nipples even through the bra. Obviously she was as excited as I was.

After the blouse was on, Jennifer took another long rope and tied my arms to my body, crisscrossing it above and below my naked breasts several times, forming a nice tight breast bondage. The ropes made my breasts stand out, as did having my elbows tied together behind me. We chatted throughout this episode as though what we were doing was normal. It was to us. We discussed her agenda, and what she was hoping to accomplish on the trip. The bondage she was adding now, she told me, was kind of a going-away present from her to me, which suited me just fine. When Jennifer cinched the last knot, she gently reached up and took both harden nipples between each of her thumb and index fingers and gently rub my nipples between. With the compression of the ropes, my nipples were already hard and very sensitive and still slightly sore from the nipple clamps. I closed my eyes, licking my lips. Jennifer stopped and smiled. Not yet she told me. What a game!

With me arms tightly bound to my chest, Jennifer sat at her vanity and began to apply her makeup. She lit up a long white cigarette sensually blowing a thin stream toward the ceiling. We continued to chat about the week's work, and odds and ends, always coming back to bondage is some form or anther. When her makeup was perfect, and it always was, she put out her cigarette in the nearby ashtray and she got up to finish her packing.

As she packed, I noticed that she had placed two sets of handcuffs and her ball gag in one of her suitcases. I smiled. She saw the look and said that she wanted to stay in practice while in Europe. I thought to myself that maybe she would find a pretty French woman or two to tie up and have her way with them or better yet, maybe she would use them on herself. Jennifer was starting to like the self-bondage aspect of our bondage play, but only for the simple restraints right now. She seem to like the idea of doing to herself, the same as I did. I could see Jennifer now, in her hotel room in Paris, bound and gagged on the bed, nude, wondering where she put the key. She can be quite the scatter brain at times. Again, I smiled and almost laughed out loud. It would not be the first time she did something not so smart dealing with our bondage fun, especially with self-bondage.

Once when she had me tied to a chair and ball gagged, she jokingly decided to tie herself up with my watching. She proceeded to gag herself, add a blindfold, then quickly handcuffed her wrists behind her. Though she did it as a joke, she forgot to put the key in a place where she could easily get to it. It was funny watching her walking carefully around the room trying to find her purse. I tried, gagged as I was, to direct her toward her the dresser where her purse was laying. After a few attempts and a bruised shin from her kicking the chair, she finally got the keys. The problem was that now, she had applied the handcuffs in the wrong direction and the key hole was not accessible, she was stuck and I guess, so was I. She did manage to get over to me, with my help and kneel down behind the chair to such a position that she could untie my wrists. It took me awhile to get the rest of my ropes undone but finally I was free standing over my helpless friend. I quickly strapped her ankles together, then attached a long strap to her handcuffs and the straps wrapped around her ankles. I then pulled them close together to form a nice hogtie. I left her in that position while I picked up my restraints. She just lay on the floor drooling in defeat. Needless to say, she didn't make that mistake again.

Anyway, with that last self-bondage episode in mind, I had this picture in my mind of a frantic phone call from overseas listening to a desperate woman moan into her gag trying to tell how she screwed up again. I was going to miss her.

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