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Chapter 36

The alarm scared the hell out of me. Jennifer must have set it before she was to leave and now that I was on the porch, my movements around the front door must have set it off, or so I thought. I didn't know what to do. Pulling on the chain only caused more tension to my nipples and the design of the clamps only caused them to tighten as I pulled. I was now worried that since the alarm was going off, the police were now on their way. My mind continued to race. What was interesting though, was as I was standing there bound by my nipples, the thought of being discovered by others combined with the bondage was making me very excited. I could feel that my inner thighs were getting wetter by the moment. My gloved hands roamed over my ass since that was as far as I could reach. I continued to pull gently on the nipple chain, thus helping the self-excitement along. An orgasm was slowly building. Then, just as quick as the alarm sounded, it stopped snapping me back to reality. I smiled behind the ball gag. I knew Jennifer was up to her old tricks.

I heard the front door open and smelled Jennifer's brand of perfume mixed with cigarette smoke. Jennifer quickly kissed me on the ear, taking the time to cup my right breast. I moaned into my gag. I was dying with excitement. The caressing stopped and again, I moaned. Jennifer must have stepped back to admire my handy work. The sound of her high heels on the wooden porch was unmistakable. I felt her reach for my cuffs thinking she was going to unlock them, but no, she tightened them one extra notch on each wrist. Freedom was something that would have to wait. I was also starting to drool down on my bare chest. The ball gag was good for that, especially since I had buckled it on extra tight this time.

I then heard what sounded like the jingling of a roller buckle on a leather strap. It wasn't long until I found out that I was right. Jennifer lifted my skirt to above my knees and buckled the strap tightly around my legs just above where my boots stopped. My legs were effectively useless but my ankles were still free allowing me to keep my balance.

Jennifer then unhooked the nipple chain and pulled me toward her. I didn't have any choice. She kissed me on the nose, then on the ball gag. Gag kissing was something that Jennifer and I both enjoyed. With her holding the chain, I wasn't going to stop her, not that I wanted to anyway. She then pulled me along into the house. Being blindfolded and hobbled at the knees was making each step a challenge but being led by the nipples ensured complete compliance. Once inside, she left me standing in the front room and stood back to look at me once again. I felt her raise my skirt to check for any panties as she must have noticed that I wasn't wearing a bra. She laughed and slapped my naked ass. I moaned into my gag.

Jennifer moved around behind me and lightly kissed my neck. She seemed pleased with what I was wearing, or what I wasn't wearing to be more exact. I pressed back against her and she reached around and pulled sharply on the nipple chain quickly getting my attention. This quick pull to the nipples stood me straight up. Jennifer laughed. She then moved around in front of me and removed the blindfold but left the ball gag, nipple clamps, handcuffs, and knee strap in place for the time being. The game continued at Jennifer's pace.

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