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Chapter 35

I arrived at Jennifer's ranch a few hours before we had to depart for the airport. The extra time allowed us a chance to chat while she finished packing and hopefully finish this one last bondage game Jennifer elected to play. I let her pick the game since I loved surprises and it was her last for a few months, or so I thought. With what was planned so far, I could hardly wait for the next step.

Her ranch was on 25 acres of wooded land that she used to keep and train her horses. Jennifer was very much into the equestrienne scene and she looked stunning in her tight ridding breeches and tall black ridding boots. She was picture of sheer female domination, especially when she held her short black ridding crop in her gloved fingers. Her ranch is secluded from most of the access roads and thus it made for the perfect location for many of our outdoor bondage scenes, which we played often. I have been bound and gagged swinging nude from the rafters in her barn to tied to a tree out by the lake. Once while we were both out riding, we decided to play a quick game of captured equestrienne. Jennifer and I flipped a coin and I lost. She told me to take off my blouse and bra and go topless. I quickly obeyed. Jennifer was still dressed in her tight grey ridding breeches, boots, white blouse and her short black gloves. I was still left in breeches, boots and gloves. She tied my wrists behind me with a long piece of leather cord she had brought with her (imagine that, huh?), then gagged me with her red bandanna. Jennifer then helped me back on to my horse and then led her horse and me throughout the grounds. Several times during the ride, she would approach the outer limits of her land and we would see cars driving by close enough that if they looked hard, they would have seen a topless young woman mounted a top a horse, gagged with a red cloth. Needless to say, those were some great days.

Oh yes, Jennifer did get her chance in the ropes while outdoors many times. I especially enjoyed the time when I had tied her nude, except for her boots, to a large tree located on the back of her land. I blindfolded her and put her panties in her mouth as a gag that was kept in place with a black leather strap. I even added a tight crotch rope that I tied to the tree such that any movement would be felt on her naked pussy. I slowly walked the horses away from the spot leaving her to stew by herself. I then quietly crept back to watch her struggle. It was a beautiful sight of sheer helplessness and distress. I quietly slipped up in front of her and quickly grabbed both of her nipples and held them in my gloved fingers. She was taken by surprise but stopped struggling instantly. Again, it was a nice day for both of us. Anyway back to this story.

Jennifer had quite a spread here and she did have a few hired hands to take care of the place for her when she was not around. Today they were off. Jennifer was always thinking ahead.

I parked my black BMW next to the house, left the keys in the ignition, and picked up the small bag of restraints. I pulled out the handcuffs, keys, red ball gag and the nipple clips. I walked up to the porch and placed the keys in an envelope that I had written on the outside "PLEASE." I then took the red ball gag and inserted it into my mouth and tightly buckled the black straps behind my head under my hair. The ball fit perfectly and was lodged nicely behind my teeth. My anticipation was growing. I always enjoyed the gag, especially the ball gag. I enjoyed that feeling of fullness and especially anytime I did it to myself at the request of another. With the black straps tightly buckled, the ball was not coming out.

As I approached the front door, there was a note attached with a clothespin. The clothespin was also holding up a red bandanna. The note was in Jennifer's handwriting and it only said "USE THIS ALSO." I knew what it was for and with what was already planned, the hour or two we had together was already starting off with a bang.

I looked around to ensure my privacy and then unbuttoned my blouse and pulled it off my shoulders, uncovering my bare breasts. My nipples were rock hard. Of course, I took the time to tweak them again with my gloved fingers. I quickly attached the set of nipple clamps to each nipple, rolling my eyes as the clamps took hold. I then walked over to the front door and pushed the envelope with the keys to the cuffs through the mail slot and listened as it hit the floor. Next to the front door, about chest high was a metal snap hook that Jennifer had screwed in the frame earlier this morning in preparation for my arrival.

I quickly blindfolded myself with the bandanna and then hooked the small chain attached to the nipple clamps to the snap hook. I was now bound to the house by my nipples. I quickly rang the doorbell, then proceeded to lock my gloved hands behind be with the handcuffs. A shiver went up and down my spine. I always loved this part when it comes to the self-bondage. Besides the self-gagging, feeling the cuffs close on my wrists, knowing that with each click, my freedom was being denied, was very exciting. In this case unlike my other self-bondage adventures, I didn't have a safety key. It was now on the floor of Jennifer's living room behind a locked door. I was now at the mercy of who ever came along. Ah, what a thought.

No telling how long Jennifer would take to come to the door. Knowing her, she was probably watching me from her front bay window that extended on to the porch, smoking silently, laughing behind a sensual cloud of smoke, at my now helpless and vulnerable position.

After a few minutes, I was beginning to wonder if Jennifer was home at all. I hadn't called before I left my house, but I did tell her when I would be at the ranch. Thinking back now, I didn't see her car in the driveway when I pulled up. My mind started to race. Bondage does that to you now and then. I couldn't back out of the bondage now and I couldn't reach around to remove the nipple clamps. The length of the chain was short enough to prevent me from moving or bending much at all. As I stood there and thought about it, my only options were to try to pull the clamps off, or wait and hope Jennifer or someone else would come by. I pulled back slightly. The clamps held, they weren't coming off. I would have to wait. I tried yelling into the ball gag but only garbled words came out causing me to drool down on to my chest. There was also no way I could remove the blindfold. At that moment, an alarm went off on the porch. It was Jennifer's security alarm. Somehow it had been activated.

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