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Chapter 34

I had volunteered to drive Jennifer to the airport for her flight to Europe. Being a fashion consultant and photographer for a very large firm afforded Jennifer the opportunity to travel all over the world. This was the firm's biggest project to date and they wanted Jennifer to personally head the team overseas. Unfortunately for me, she'd have to be gone for quite awhile to complete the job.

The drive to Jennifer's was uneventful, yet full of both anticipation and sadness. Jennifer and I had been friends for several years now and we continued to share with each other, our deep love of bondage. This was going to be first time that we would not be together for such a long duration. Most of our weekends together were spent playing a variety of bondage games, with me being on the receiving end most of the time. At times though, Jennifer would get her turn in the ropes and gags. I would always take full advantage of the situation to totally tease and dominate my bound and helpless friend. Though I thoroughly enjoy being on the receiving end, especially with Jennifer as the giver, it's always good to watch another person drool behind a big red ball gag and Jennifer could sure drool. I guess it was those slight domination tendencies I get once in awhile.

Our games varied but always centered on that feeling of tight restraint and sheer helplessness. Erotic sexual denial was at the top of the list of things to do to each other while bound and gagged. Jennifer took great pride in her ability to tease me for hours without relief. Her best effort to date was 24 hours of bondage and teasing of my bound naked body without any sexual relief. It left me dripping wet, short of breath many times, and my thighs very slippery. Jennifer just smiled at me over breakfast the next morning as I sat there bound to our favorite wooden chair being fed by my beautifully nude mistress. When breakfast was done, she untied me, kissed me goodbye, handed me my panties, a sweater and my high heels and kicked me out of the house. She was sending me home without allowing me any sexual relief. I had to call her when I arrived and let her listen to me as I played with myself to an earth shattering orgasm. Jennifer just blew a kiss into the phone and hung up, what a day that was.

Naturally I got my revenge in the coming weeks. Ask Jennifer sometime what is it like to be hung upside down, spread wide open, and licked from end to end. Jennifer really likes her toes licked and sucked and I naturally concentrated on the areas that drove Jennifer wild. Many times in the past while I was bound but not gagged, Jennifer would sit back in her easy chair with her feet up on the ottoman and I would have to lick and suck all of her toes. It usually started with me licking and kissing her high heels or boots but eventually those would come off and it would be flesh on stockings, followed shortly by flesh on lips so to speak. Jennifer would just sit back, enjoy a nice long cigarette or two while I took care of her feet. Now with Jennifer the victim, I would use her love of foot worshipping to my advantage, to tease her to near orgasm. Adding to the fact that Jennifer was bound upside down, and especially with a blindfold and tape gag (with my wet panties as a gag filler of course), the restraints just added to the feeling of helplessness and of course, the pleasure. Naturally, Jennifer's pay backs were hell or heaven depending on how you looked at them, but I loved them.

For the drive, I had worn a long black wrap skirt, a white knit button down, long sleeve top, thigh-high black stockings and black knee high shiny boots with two inch heels. Short thin black leather dress gloves topped off the outfit. Of course, no bra or panties were worn. Jennifer had taught me the feeling of being free and suggested I not wear them once in awhile to enhance that feeling. Since I was feeling very sexy today, just thinking about the up coming game, I decided again to indulge myself. I'm sure Jennifer would notice right away.

My nipples were punching holes in the blouse as the cool air rushed past them, not to mention the fact I kept inserting my gloved fingers into my blouse and slowly caressing and pinching them. Now I usually don't drive down the road playing with myself but sitting next to me on the seat was a small bag of restraints; a ball gag, handcuffs and a set of butterfly style nipple clamps connected by a small metal chain. Jennifer's instructions were clear about what I was to do with them when I arrived at the ranch. Just the thought of one last game before her departure was enough to cause me to slip my hand under my skirt and play with my already wet and naked pussy. The mixture of odors, my wet sex combined with the smell of wet leather from my gloves, was overpowering. It was hard to concentrate on the road. I knew that I had to stop though as I didn't want to have a crash or destroy all the sexual anticipation that was building up inside me.

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