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Chapter 33

It was nearing 5:00 p.m. Thursday evening, the day of Jennifer's return flight. I was sitting in Jennifer's kitchen out at her ranch, slowly sipping a glass of chilled wine. My left hand was gently pulling on the new silver nipple ring inserted in my left nipple. Yes, it was new, as was the right one and the two rings inserted through my labia. A few changes had taken place in this long, but short, four and a half months.

My legs were encased in my favorite black leather thigh-high boots, the ones with the six inch heels. The boots felt sleek and were tight fitting as they were custom made to my measurements. I had to keep my legs fairly straight due to the stiffness of the leather. My long black leather kid gloves lay on the table before me. These gloves had been through a lot over these past few months. I wore nothing else but a smile. The wooden chair felt cool to my naked behind and my inner thighs were already wet. I had sat on these wooden chairs many times in the past, most of the time tightly bound and gagged. These chairs and I were old friends. Jennifer and I had bought them specially because of their design. They made for some great chair bondages due to the narrow back and sturdy arm pieces. Today, though, I was sitting with no ropes or gags to hamper me, just me and my boots.

I had already laid out all my bondage toys and placed my total array of fetish clothing, including my boots and shoes on the floor in Jennifer's bedroom. They, like me, were waiting to be used in what I hoped to be a fantastic bondage homecoming for both Jennifer and myself.

Jennifer's plane was due in at 5:45 p.m. and she had a thirty minute drive from the airport. As a surprise and a treat, I had chartered a limo to bring her and her luggage home. I had asked for a female driver in uniform knowing that Jennifer would enjoy the servitude. I had plenty of time to finish my preparations and surprise for her return. I had hoped that it would be a surprise that would take us to new heights of bondage fun. I knew it would for me, as I smiled again, gently pulling on now both nipple rings. I closed my eyes and licked my lips as I pulled the rings harder.

Jennifer had been gone for four and a half months, but the time seemed to fly by. She had flown to Europe to conduct several fashion shoots and runway fashion shows for her company. She was now on her way back for a much-needed rest. I had planned on letting her rest just as soon as she had me tied up and secured for the evening.

I had done so much in the way of bondage fun, surprisingly, since her departure. Lots of self-bondage, of course, a bondage model photo shoot as part of my birthday present, a few domination scenes with another of our girlfriends, Robin, and then the piercings. My head was spinning as I continued to pull harder on the rings. The memories were many as were the variety of bondages. I couldn't wait to tell Jennifer all about them, bound, of course, and only if Jennifer removes the ball gag that will be locked in place.

Her letter was in front of me on the table stating when she was to arrive and that she received my special package that I had sent her. I had sent her a package of keys and a note about the limo service I had arranged for her return. The keys, of course were to my freedom. They were special keys that only she would hold. The keys fit specially coded locks that we use in our self-bondage fun when I want Jennifer to find me and take control. I did have a safety key that worked on the locks, of course, that I use for emergencies but the price would be high if I had to use it and of course Jennifer would know immediately now if it's used.

I'm sure Jennifer knows what's about to happen when she arrives home. We've been playing these games too long for her not to understand the significance of those keys. She doesn't know, however how permanently I wanted to make the commitment. Thus, the new piercings that I continued to play with.

It was now 5:30 p.m. and time to begin the final steps. Jennifer said that she would call from the airport and let the phone ring twice, hang up, then call back immediately and let it ring twice more. That way I knew that she had landed and was on her way to the ranch. I would wait until I had heard the second phone call to complete the final steps of my bondage. She also said that she'd continue to call and let the phone ring once using her cellular phone as she traveled en route to the ranch. That way I knew she didn't get into an accident during the trip home. With what I had planned for my self-bondage, being alone all night would not be something to look forward.

As a one last safety mechanism, prelude to any self-bondage adventure, I called a mutual girlfriend of Jennifer and me, Robin, and asked her to call me at Jennifer's in the morning. I told her that if no one answered, then would she mind stopping by before noon to check the horses for me. I would leave a note on the door telling her where I was and when I was to return. Robin agreed and I hung up the phone. I pulled the note from my purse that I had written last night. The note would really tell Robin that I was in the bedroom and needed help with my restraints and that I would be her slave for the rest of the weekend if she let me out of my self-imposed bondage. Since she was also a close friend and sometimes bondage partner of Jennifer, she knew where the spare key to the front door was kept. Jennifer knew to take the note down when she arrived. Hopefully she'll do just what the note had asked Robin to do.

I was now all set. If all things go wrong, I would only be tied up for about fifteen hours at the most but the thought of how I was going to be tied sent a chill down my spine. Fifteen hours would seem like forever. Luckily I had slept late the morning in anticipation for a long evening.

I finished my glass and got up to put away the bottle of wine and noticed that there was some fresh leftover food in the refrigerator. Jennifer had mentioned that she had a new housesitter and not to worry about the place for this weekend. I knew that she did have some workers who took care of her horses and the grounds a few days each week. They were, however, off for the next several days since I had volunteered to take care of the things for her. I shrugged, picked up my gloves and started toward the bedroom, not thinking any more about the food. I'm sure I'd remember to ask Jennifer about the food later that night, assuming I was ungagged long enough to ask anything.

I had been planning this weekend's bondage adventure for the last several weeks and the time to finish the final act was quickly approaching. With each step I took toward the bedroom, slow and calculated, due to the stiffness of the boots and the height of the heels, the memories of the past four months were all coming back to me. The feeling of fullness in my mouth from all the different gags, the tightness of the ropes, cuffs and straps, the erotic sting from the piercer's needle and of course, the waiting and longing for release both from the bondage and the always mounting sexual tension.

It was as if it was yesterday when I was driving to Jennifer's ranch to pick her up and take her to the airport, it is all still clear in my mind. . . . . . .

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