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Chapter 32: The release

As the night wore on, I was beginning to wish that I had used some sort of outside stimulus such as a vibrator or butt plug. I realized that if I had worn such items, going to the bathroom would have been very difficult, but I needed something to push me over the edge of orgasm. Tied the way that I was, prevented me from touching myself in all the right places and the sexual frustration was building. So I laid back on the bed and waited.

While I was lying there on the bed, I rolled over on my stomach and brought my ankles up to my wrist in the hogtie fashion. (This was hard to do with the boots on.) The hogtie is my favorite bondage position. As I laid there on the bed in a mock hogtie, my bound breasts were being crushed beneath my body. The feeling was wonderful. The breast bondage had done its job. The coils of rope around my breasts had made my breasts very sensitive, and the harder I struggled, the better they felt. I could feel my sexual release building. I yelled into my gag, but no one heard me. It did not matter. The first wave of orgasm hit. It took my breath away. Then the second wave hit me, I was in heaven.

Somewhere during the second orgasm, I must have fallen asleep, because I awoke to the sound of my alarm clock going off. It was the alarm that I had set to go off at midnight. I must have slept through my other small alarm that I had set to go off at 10:00 p.m. This meant that I had only thirty minutes to wait before I would be able to get free (assuming that the other two alarm clocks worked). I woke up very stiff and sore. My jaw hurt from the ball-gag and my shoulders ached from the bondage. I would say that I have learned a greater appreciation for bondage and restraints. My body was going to need a long rest before I try this again.

I now had to make my way back into the living room. I wanted to be there when the alarms went off so that I knew the keys had fallen to the floor. If I was not there, I would never know if they fell and I would have to try and find the keys. It's easier to find something when you know it's there, than if you are not sure. For all I knew, I would be looking for nothing. That would mean a long trip out to the garage and I do not think that my poor feet would stand the trip. I would be glad to get out of these high-heeled boots.

The walk back to the living room was again slow but was made without incident. I arrived in the room just as the alarms were going off. Hopefully the timer for my lights was working and the living room light were off. If not, I would be quite a sight in front of the window. Now I only hoped that the keys had fallen to the floor.

I must have searched the floor for forever. It's hard to search when you can not move your hands very far at one time and when you can not feel the floor because of the leather gloves. I found a couple of the keys right away but, none were the one that I needed to unlock the wrist cuffs.

Finally, I found the key to my cuffs and unlocked them. I then had to relocate the other keys to unlock my leather hood and ankle cuffs. When these were unlocked, I removed the hood and the ball-gag and then I removed the leather boots. I was exhausted, because I must have fallen asleep right there on the floor. I had even forgotten to remove the rope breast bondage. After a couple of hours of rest, I removed the breast bondage and picked up my stuff and took a nice long bath to relax my sore muscles.

Sunday morning, the next day, I called Jennifer and told what I had done and she said that she was impressed with my adventure. She came over later that evening and I showed her my setup and explained all the steps that I went through. I even tied Jennifer up the same way that I had tied myself up the night before. She wanted to try and walk around the room all bound and gag the way that I was. I however, added one additional piece of bondage gear to her already-bound body. In addition to the rope halter bra that she wore, I added wooden clothes pins to her nipples. I told her that to get them off she had to travel to living room where I would be waiting for her. Jennifer just moaned behind her hood. What could she do!

When she got to the living room, after two wrong turns and two slaps on the ass to get going in the right direction, Jennifer arrived at the place that I told her be. Of course, I released her, but not before letting her wander around the living room for a few minutes. I didn't say anything to her; I wanted to let her experience the isolation that the leather hood provides.

Jennifer slowly made her way around to the sofa where I was sitting. As she approached, I reached out and grabbed the clothespins and held on. Jennifer stopped in her tracks and only whined. I could see that see was becoming aroused, as the inside of her thighs were wet, but not from sweat!.

After a while of this kind of teasing, I unlocked her wrists and the hood. I let her take the clothespins off her nipples and remove the ball gag. All she could do was smile at me. I knew that look. I was going to pay for my teasing. but when who knows. Jennifer's mind works in strange ways.

When she had rested, Jennifer lit up a cigarette and we both had a glass of wine and we began to make plans for our next bondage adventure and think up new games that would take us to new heights of bondage fun. Games I'm sure that will greatly bring out the submissiveness in me!

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