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Chapter 29: The procedure for self-bondage

Saturday at noon, it was time to start my adventure. The first thing I did was to lay out all of the bondage items that I was going to use. This included a medium-size ball-gag, black leather discipline hood with locking collar, black leather wrist cuffs, leather ankle cuffs that were connected by a twelve-inch chain, a four-inch wide leather waist strap, and a new pair of shiny black thigh-high patent leather boots with five-inch spiked heels, and finally, elbow-length black leather gloves. The waist strap had a small three-inch chain attached to the back to which the wrist cuffs were locked. This would allow some freedom of movement, but not much.

There were seven keys in all that would be used in this adventure. One for the ankle cuffs, three for the wrist cuffs (they were the same key), one for the waist strap, and two for the leather hood and collar.

Since I did not call Jennifer and tell her my plans, I thought it a good idea to use another safety. Saturday morning before I started my fun, I took one of the keys to my wrist cuffs and also the discipline hood and placed them on a shelf, waist-high out in the garage. Since I was going to be hooded the whole time, I had to have some way of guiding myself out to the garage. (I would sure hate to get lost in my own backyard in the middle of the night.) I used a string to guide me to the right place. I took one end of a long string and tied it to the side door of the garage and took the other end and tied it to the doorknob of my back door, on my back porch. The string was long enough to lay along the walkway to the garage. This way, the string would not be visible to my next door neighbors.

All I would have to do was wait until dark and then walk off the porch and take hold of the string and follow the string to the garage to retrieve the keys to my wrist cuffs and leather hood. I had set a small alarm to go off a 10:00 p.m. which would signal that darkness had arrived and that I could make the trip to the garage if required.

Also that morning, I had brought a step ladder into my living room, which has a cathedral ceiling. I then took two alarm clocks (two for safety reasons) and the keys, and climbed to the ceiling where I had previously installed two small hooks. I attached an alarm clock to each hook, wound the clocks and the alarms, and pulled the alarm switch out. I tested each alarm four times to ensure that the alarm mechanism worked and the alarm key turned as it unwound. I then set the time on each alarm clock for five minutes AFTER the time the alarm was set to go off. The alarms were now set to go off at 12:30 a.m. This gave me about twelve hours of self-imposed bondage fun.

Next I placed one of the keys to my wrist cuffs on one of the cardboard squares that were attached to alarm winding key. I then placed the other one along with the keys to my ankle cuffs, waist strap, and leather hood on the other square. I did this so that in case something happened to one alarm clock, the other one would be a backup. I could always cut the other restraints off if needed or make my way out to the garage (it would be much easier with my hands untied).

I made one last check of the alarm set switches and carefully climbed back down the ladder. I placed a towel under each alarm clock to mark where the keys would fall. Since I was hooded, it might be hard to tell where the keys fell and bounced to. At least this way, I have a starting place to look from.

I took the ladder out to the kitchen and placed the ladder just outside my back door. I then locked the ladder to the railing of my back porch with a small chain and combination lock. This evolution prevented me from even thinking about trying to get the ladder back into the living room after I had tied myself up. A combination lock was used because when you are hooded or blindfolded, you can not work the combination to open the lock.

Without the ladder the clocks were too high to be reached, even if my hands were not tied. With my hands locked behind me, and my ankles hobbled, the feat would be impossible.

I now turned on the TV in the living room, my stereo in my bedroom, and set my answering machine to auto. I also set my alarm clock by my bed for midnight in case I fell asleep. I did not want to sleep all bound and gagged all night. I was now all set for the bondage part of the adventure.

I removed all my clothes and put on the thigh-high boots and leather gloves. I then decided to spice up the adventure with some light breast bondage. Since I did not want to use clothespins on the nipples for over twelve hours, I decided to use rope instead and fashion a rope bra.

I picked up a 25 foot section of soft cotton rope and proceeded to make the rope bra. I wrapped the cords around each breast and around my back then secured the whole bra by tying the loose ends up behind my neck. The rope bra was comfortably restrictive, making my breasts stand out and nipples hard and erect. Too bad I would not be able to caress them for the next twelve hours. I was grateful that Jennifer had discovered that my tits were large enough to bind.

I decided not to wear panties of any kind because I would not be able to pull them down to use the bathroom if I had too. Wetting my pants was not my idea of fun. I had planned on wearing a pair of white latex underwear that had little nubs of rubber in the crotch, otherwise known as "grope panties." These would have provided stimulation while I was bound and gagged, but I did not feel like having to wait to use the bathroom for over twelve hours or use the bathroom in my panties. The little stimulation that the latex panties would provide, would not make up for the discomfort of not being able to go pee.

The discomfort of not being able to use the bathroom when you need is another form of stimulation that Jennifer and I have used in our bondage games. Jennifer has once in a while made me drink several glasses of water before she ties me up. Then she leaves me alone for a couple of hours with the sound of running water nearby. I only have two choices; wait for Jennifer to untie me or go in my underwear. After of a couple of hours, I would do anything to use the bathroom and Jennifer has used that "WILLINGNESS" to her advantage.

I sat down of the edge of the bed and picked up the ankle cuffs and locked them on my ankles. Remember, these cuffs were connected by a twelve-inch hobbling chain. When the ankle cuffs were locked on, the boots were not coming off. Next I locked the four-inch leather waist belt, to which the wrist cuffs were attached, around my waist. The leather was cold to the touch and the fit was snug to ensure the belt would not slip. Now for the ball-gag.

I picked up the red colored rubber ball and leather strap and placed the ball in my mouth, buckling it firmly but comfortably behind my head, under my hair. After the gag was buckled, I moved my head around to ensure that the gag would not be too restrictive. The fit was fine and speech was all but impossible.

I made one last look around the room to ensure things were all right because now I was ready for the leather hood, which would cut off all sight, further dampen any noise made through the gag, and restrict my hearing. It was now 12:15 p.m. in the afternoon. I picked up the hood and unzipped it and placed it over my head. The smell of leather was overwhelming as I zipped the hood shut. The hood became like a second skin. The only holes in this hood were around the nose to allow for easy breathing. There were two soft leather patches that were attached on the inside of the hood that comfortably pressed my eyes shut.

Before I locked the hood on, I again moved my head around, getting use to the feeling of the tight hood. I would not want the hood to be so irritating to the point that the bondage would be a torture for twelve hours.

I laid back on the bed and relaxed for a moment. The smell of the leather and the restriction of the breast bondage was having an overwhelming effect on me. I was getting extremely excited and I knew that if I did not hurry and finish my bondage, this building feeling would be taken away by my own caressing gloved hands, which were slowly rubbing my hard nipples.

I sat up and brought the ends of the leather collar that were attached to the hood behind my neck and buckled the hasp through the zipper. I then reached down and got the lock that was lying beside me and proceeded to lock the hood on. The hood was not coming off without the key. Before I could change my mind, I reached my arms and wrists around behind me and locked the wrist cuffs securely on. The job was done. All I could do was wait for the alarms to go off or darkness to come.

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