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Chapter 27: The intruder and her friend

After what seemed like an eternity, I thought I heard a noise in the other room. It was hard to tell because of the radio playing. It must have been my mind playing tricks on me. I then detected a faint odor of perfume. It was a kind that Jennifer always wears. There was someone in the room with me. I tried to call out but the gag did its job of rendering speech impossible. My heart was racing. It was then I felt something cold on my breasts, an ice cube, and someone was gently tugging on the clothespins attached to my nipples. I desperately tried to get away, but I was going nowhere.

It suddenly dawned on me that Jennifer had been here all the time and that there was more then one person in the room besides Jennifer, because I felt three hands, one caressing my head, and one each on my tits. I almost died from humiliation. Suddenly the coldness on my breasts was gone. There was not a sound to be heard in the room. I strained at my bonds to get free. If only I was not so damn good at my self-bondage.

The next sound that I heard was a familiar one. It was the sound of my suitcase full of bondage gear being opened and straps being removed. I thought Jennifer was going to change my bondage, but no one touched me. I was dying with anticipation! I heard lots of movement in front of me, but no one talked. Next I heard locks being locked and then a buckle being fastened. I had no earthly idea what was going on.

It was then I felt a pair of handcuffs being placed on my wrists and the leather cuffs being unlocked and removed. It had to be Jennifer, she was the only other one with the keys to those locks. Then I felt the ankle cuffs being unlocked and removed. Finally the leather strap that was attached to my collar was unfastened. I was then helped off the saw horse. When that happened, the dildo dropped from between my legs. It was very embarrassing to say the least.

I was then made to kneel on the floor while my ankles were hobbled with another pair of ankles cuffs connected by a twelve inch chain. At this point I was bound with my hands locked behind me, ankles hobbled, gagged, blindfolded, and still wearing the clothespins on each nipple.

Suddenly, my blindfold was removed, and the sight before my eyes was unbelievable. Standing before me, bound and gagged, was Jennifer's co-worker Robin. She was wearing only a 1/2-cup bra, open-crotched lace panties, garter belt, black seamed stockings, and black knee-high leather boots. She was bound with her hands locked together over her head to an eyebolt in the ceiling, and her legs were spread apart with the three-foot spreader bar. Robin was gagged with a large red ball-gag, and Jennifer was strapping my "Joni's Butterfly" vibrator tightly to her crotch.

Jennifer was wearing a black leather mini skirt, black stockings and garter belt, black leather bustier that pushed her breasts up firm and hard, black leather gloves, and black patent leather opera pump with five-inch heels. She was quite the dominatrix. She was holding the controller to Robin's vibrator in one hand, and a long white cigarette in the other.

Jennifer answered my questioning look by stating that she and Robin had lunch a few weeks ago and the subject of bondage came up. One thing led to another and Robin wound up here being bound, and gagged, and being teased by Jennifer. Robin had stated her submissive tendencies at that lunch and Jennifer was glad to show her the ropes. Robin was shaking her head to all that Jennifer said but just stopped and moaned into her gag as Jennifer turned on the vibrator.

Before Jennifer released me, she completed Robin's bondage by blindfolding her with a latex sheet and then attaching a set of metal nipple clamps to Robin's already swollen nipples. These clamps were connected by a small chain. Jennifer slowly bent Robin's head forward and attached the chain to Robin's ball gag. Since Robin was blindfolded, she didn't know what to expect. As Robin tried to lift her head, she increased the tension on her nipples. This forced Robin into quite the submissive look!. Between the vibrator, and the nipple clamps, Robin was being kept in quite the state of sexual arousal.

The rest of the evening was very interesting and at one point all three of us were bound and gagged on the bed. Jennifer and I showed Robin all the tricks of the trade and the vast assortment of bondage equipment, latex and leather clothes, bondage magazines, and videos that we owned.

That night, Robin got to try on everything, including the vibrating nipple clamps, discipline hoods and of course, a butt plug and vibrator or two. Jennifer and I made sure Robin was properly restrained and well-gagged when we used the vibrating ones. It's the easiest way to learn. Occasionally now, all three of us spend a weekend in bondage at the hands of the other two, or one of us will dominate the other two. Those adventures are a story all by themselves.

That evening stayed with me for several weeks. Just thinking about it gets me excited every time.

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