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Chapter 26: The bondage game

Jennifer was pretty good at being on time when she wanted to be. Sometimes she would be late just to let me stew for awhile. It all depended on the bondage that I had chosen for myself. Usually when she arrives, she has her way with me. She either tickles me, spanks me (lightly), or makes my bondage more restraining. I could only wonder what the night's encounter would bring.

There have been times when she has joined me in bondage and we have had to work together to get free. When we do this, the safety device is always within fairly easy reach since Jennifer is no longer able to free me. For instance, one time, Jennifer and I were tied face to face, totally nude with the exception of black leather gloves and high heeled shoes. We were each wearing a black discipline hood that allowed sight, ball gags, leather collars and ankle cuffs. Of course the high heels were locked on too. The two sets of ankle cuffs were locked together by a small chain, as were the leather collars. Our hands were locked with handcuffs around the back of the other person. We had the appearance that we were hugging each other.

To prevent us from lifting our locked hands over each other's heads, the cuffs were connected by a small chain that ran between our legs. It took us about two hours to wiggle our way into the living room to retrieve the key to the handcuffs. It was very exciting to be bound breast to breast with Jennifer. Her nipples were always hard and they were caressing mine all evening. Needless to say our evening ended with both of us sexually satisfied.

Being tied up by your own hand is exciting but the only way that you get a better appreciation for the bondage is to have a little outside stimulation, i.e., dildo, butt plugs, clothespins on the nipple, etc. If something is being done to you and because of the bondage you can not make it stop, then the feeling of restraint AND helplessness is that much more rewarding.

After about a half hour, I was beginning to think that I had put myself in bondage a little too early. My crotch was beginning to complain from all the weight and from the dildo being constantly pushed in and out and my nipples were starting to ache from the pinch of the clothespins. When you are blindfolded, bound and gagged, time really seems to slow down. When my grandfather clock sounded in the living room, I knew that it was 8:00 and Jennifer would be here any minute.

The time seemed to drag by. Then the phone rang. It nearly scared me to death. It rang four times, then my answering machine started and stated that I was all tied up at the moment and that I would get back to them as soon as I could get free. The call was from a girl named Robin. She was a co-worker of Jennifer's. She said that Jennifer told her to call her and tell her (Terri) that she had gotten called away to a meeting in a nearby city and that she would be over to pick you up around 7:30 the next morning. I was in a state of shock. I wanted very badly to rush over to the phone and explain to Robin my problem. But, I was tied too good. The struggling only made the bondage that much more uncomfortable.

The mere thought of spending the next seven hours or more in this position with a dildo stuck up my crotch was almost to much to think about. Seven hours was how long I had to wait before the ice melted and the key to my wrists cuffs would swing down to my hands. The other problem was that Jennifer had the keys to my ankle cuffs and the pump gag (I could always go out to the front yard to my mailbox or I could cut the other restraints off). However, all I could do for now was wait. I was not going anywhere, so I just hung my head down in defeat. If only Jennifer would come and release me.

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