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Chapter 25: The setup

I got home from work around five o'clock and I moved the saw horse from the garage to the middle of my bedroom. It had only taken me a few days to build the horse and cover it with leather.

I then quickly shed all my clothes. I had planned on tying myself up in the nude, but I decided to wear a pair of elbow-length black leather gloves. They protect my wrists from chaffing and make it that much more restrictive.

Next, I attached a pre-measured length of chain to one of my hooks that I had installed in the ceiling. To the other end of the chain, I connected a set of leather wrist cuffs that were lockable. The length of the chain was such that when my wrists were locked behind me and I was sitting on the wooden horse, my arms would be pulled up to about the middle of my back.

Before I went any further, I set up my own safety device. This was done just in case Jennifer was unable to come over and release me later that evening. In the past, I have had to use the safety device to free myself on a couple of occasions. Jennifer's car failed to start one night and I had tied myself up on the bed in a tight hogtie. When Jennifer failed to show up after a couple of hours the keys to my wrists that I had frozen in an ice cube finally melted, and I had to crawl over and retrieve key. Jennifer however, still had the keys to my leather collar and my ankle cuffs. I will explain more about this little quirk to the game later on.

The safety device that I used this time was a #10 can that was filled with water and frozen solid. A key to my wrists cuffs was frozen in the middle of the can . Attached to the key was a string about seven feet long. I now removed the ice block from the can and placed the block up on a shelf across the room. I had also placed the block in a tray to catch the melting water.

The other end of the string was now tied to the same hook that my wrists would be attached to. When the block of ice melted, the key would then swing down to where my hand were and I would be able to get free. To help the string swing correctly, I attached a small weight to the middle of the string.

The ice cube was large enough so that it would take about seven hours to melt. This amount of time forces me to wait for Jennifer or stay in my self-imposed bondage for a considerable length of time. Thus far, my longest time spent in self-bondage was about two and one-half hours.

I was now all set to begin. I put on a pair of elbow-length leather gloves and then placed aleather cuff on each ankle. I locked the cuffs on with two small locks. Attached to each cuff was a small chain about three feet long. I next buckled a two-inch leather collar around my neck, and also locked it on with another small lock. This collar had a metal D- ring attached to the front. I was now ready for the gag.

This gag was special. It was known as a "pump gag." It consisted of a wide leather strap that went around the head and buckled in back. The strap had a small hole in the front through which a small rubber tube was inserted. On the inside of the strap, attached to one end of the tube, was a small rubber bulb, and on the outside of the strap, attached to the other end, was an inflator, much like the inflator used in measuring blood pressure. The idea is to insert the bulb into your mouth and then buckle the strap around your head. You then slowly inflate the bulb until speech becomes non-existent.

I carefully inserted the bulb into my mouth and then buckled the leather straps tightly around my head and under my chin. I had modified this gag by adding a chin strap which keeps me from opening my mouth as the bulb is being inflated.

I now begin to slowly inflate the gag. The feeling was wonderful. I could feel my speech being deprived with each pump of the inflator. I pumped the bulb up until my mouth was filled with rubber. The chin strap did an excellent job of not letting me open my mouth. Once I was satisfied that I was gagged securely enough, I locked the gag on with another small lock. I should explain about these small locks. The ones on my ankles, leather collar, and gag had a blue dot on them. Jennifer is the only one who has the key to these locks. The spare key is kept taped under my mailbox out in my front yard. This is just something else to add to the fun. Anytime I use these locks, I always have to wait for Jennifer to arrive and free me. One time, she left me hobbled and gagged all night long (my hands were free though). I tried to hobble out to the mailbox late that night, but Jennifer had taken the spare keys and had only left me a note saying she would be back in the morning before I went to work. All I could do was go to bed and sleep with my bondage. I was now ready for the final stage of tonight's self-bondage adventure.

I made one last check of the front and back doors to ensure that they were locked. (Jennifer had her own key.) I then turned on the radio to keep me entertained while I waited for Jennifer to arrive. The time was now 7:05 in the evening, so I had about an hour to enjoy my bondage.

I picked up the leather blindfold and buckled it loosely around my neck. I then picked up two wooden clothespins and carefully attached one to each nipple. Putting them on is not as bad as taking them off. The clothespins on the nipples have always given me a greater appreciation for my bondage. They serve to remind me that the bondage is real, self-imposed or not , in that I can't remove them until my hands were freed. I now picked up the dildo that I had previously lubricated and carefully inserted it deep in my crotch. I then got up on the saw horse and positioned myself in the middle. The pressure on the dildo was instantly felt in my crotch. I only hoped that I would make it through the evening.

Attached to the top of the wooden horse in back of me was a metal ring and two snap hooks. I very carefully brought one ankle up behind me at a time and attached the ankle chain to the snap hook.

Attached to the horse in front of me, was another metal ring. This metal ring had attached to it a three foot adjustable leather strap. On the other end of the strap, was another snap hook. I snapped this hook to the D- ring on my collar and tightened the strap enough to prevent me from lifting myself off the horse.

I took one last look around the room to ensure I had not forgotten something and to ensure that my safety would work if needed. You never know when the bondage can become your enemy.

I now buckled the blindfold that was hanging around my neck tightly over my eyes. This blindfold was a leather strap, four inches in width, which had a hole cut out that my nose fit through. The blindfold was lined with fur and did an excellent job blocking out all light. With that done, I reached around behind me and locked the wrist cuffs on each wrist. That was it. All I could do was wait for Jennifer to free me or for the ice to melt and the key to swing down allowing me to free myself. Again, I was getting too good at my bondage. I could not see or speak. I could hardly move without changing the pressure on my crotch or the pushing the dildo further up my cunt, and I could not reach the clothespins that were pinching my nipples. I loved it! I tried struggling to see if I could get free but it was of no use. The movement only made the bondage that much more uncomfortable, so I just tried to "relax" and let my fantasies take over.

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